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Betrayed Essay, Research Paper

Lying here alone, thinking of you. Dreaming of the love we shared. You told me you’d be forever true, broken promises unable to be repaired.

Thinking back to the night we met, my heart still skips a beat. We’d be together forever, I bet. So many things I’d like to repeat.

Your love encaptured me night after night. You mended my heart, gave back my sight. You brought me out of the darkness, into the light.

I thought it would be you and me forever, I guess you had a different idea in mind. Now we can never be together. Another like you I never will find.

You told her the same things you told me, and made her fell special too. You can’t play people like that, can’t you see? And you wonder why we don’t want you.

You played with our emotions, but we took away your fame. And now you’re in a huge commotion, because we beat you at your own game!

email me at SugarBabyIsMe@aol.com and let me know what you think…

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