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Sir Jaso And The Giant Essay, Research Paper

Sir Jaso turned his head in the direction of the woman?s gaze and there before him stood the giant that he had heard so much about during the past few days. It stood almost 20 feet off the ground and carried a club bigger than Sir Jaso himself. The stench of rotting human corpses emanated from its disgusting body and insects of every sort imaginable crawled freely through its hair and under its skin. Sir Jaso stood motionless, stunned for a moment by the unbelievable hideousness of the creature. “How could a God who created the beauty of things such as the forests and mountains also be responsible for creating such filth?” thought Sir Jaso. He then put his hand on his sword and grasped it tightly. Was this giant more than he could handle? Would his pride and honor lead him to his death? If Merlin was right, and God was not on his side, how could he expect to win this fight? Sir Jaso?s stomach began to churn as all these thoughts flew through his mind and he clenched Caladbolg even tighter. The giant was carrying the bodies of twelve peasants on its back. The sight of the dead men and women the giant had so mercilessly killed enraged Sir Jaso. This beast would pay dearly for its crimes if he had anything to do with it. “May great God in heaven, who rules the world, give you a short life and shameful death! Surely you are the foulest fiend that was ever formed! Guard yourself, you dog, and prepare to die, for this day my hands will kill you!” exclaimed Sir Jaso. The giant answered Sir Jaso by raising its massive club and swinging it at him. Sir Jaso could feel a gust of wind blow against him as the tree-sized club whipped through the air towards him. He raised his shield with his head covered in an attempt to block the giant?s blow. This was the worst part of fighting for Sir Jaso, not being able to see what was happening, he would have to leave his fate up to God. The blow came quickly, completely jolting and stunning Sir Jaso and shattering his shield into sawdust, but at least he was still alive. If God was to forsake him, today was not the day He did so. Sir Jaso?s strength and confidence grew after he survived the first blow for he believed God would protect him tonight. As the giant bent down to grab him, Sir Jaso unsheathed Caladbolg and sliced open the giant?s forehead. Pools of blood drenched its head preventing it from being able to see. The giant, who had never experienced any serious opposition before, started to panic. In wild frenzy it grabbed at the ground and managed to scoop up Sir Jaso in its hands attempting to crush him, but in its state of panic, the giant was no match for Sir Auron who immediately unsheathed his mighty blade Masamune and, with a quick and mighty blow, cut the giant?s hand off! “Peace to you my lord!” the giant screamed. “Who are you that fights so skillfully with me? Only Sir Jaso, the most noble of all kings and his guardians, could defeat me in combat!” “I am that Jaso of whom you speak,” replied Sir Jaso, ?and these are my guardians?, he said as he pointed to Sir Auron and the rest of the guardians. Not having any pity for the disgusting giant, Sir Tidus unsheathed the mighty Brotherhood, a beautiful blue sword, and began to attack the giant viciously. Sir Kimahri then pulled out his Spirit Lance, a glowing golden spear and joined in on the attack. Each of the guardians was soon striking with quick and mighty blows. Just then, a powerful wave of fire rushed over the giant. The group turned around to find Lady Lulu holding her powerful black magic doll, the Onion Knight, preparing to cast another mighty fire spell upon the once mighty giant. Sir Wakka then pulled out his blitzball, the World Champion, and lugged it at the giant?s chest, knocking the wind out of the giant and severely limiting the giant?s ability to breathe. While all of this had been going on, Lady Rikku had been holding the giant and keeping it from moving with her mighty Godhand. The giant could only scream in agony as it was mutilated for it could not see and could not move and therefore could not defend itself. After the giant had been killed, Sir Jaso instructed Sir Auron to chop off its head. After the battle, Sir Jaso?s guardians, Sir Auron, Sir Tidus, Sir Wakka, Lady Yuna, Lady Lulu, Lady Rikku, and Sir Kimahri were knighted the Royal Knights of Sir Jaso and for the rest of their days they were always by his side.

The End

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