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Why A Cow Moos Essay, Research Paper

Why A Cow Moos

One day a mommy cow had a baby cow named Henrietta. She loved her new baby. Mommy cow wanted to be the best mommy ever. She wanted to teach her baby, Henrietta, everything she knew. She taught her how to eat the best green grass, so that she could grow to be a big strong cow. She taught her games that she and the other baby cows could play in the big meadow. At night time she would read her stories before she went to sleep. One story was about ugly ducklings growing up to be swans. Henrietta asked her mommy what she was going to be when she got big. She told her that when she got bigger she was going to make milk for all the thirsty people. Henrietta asked “How will the people know I have milk?” Her mommy told her she had to say milk, real loud.

After Henrietta?s mommy told her this she wanted to grow up as fast as she could. So, all day, instead of playing games with the other little cows, she practiced saying milk. She tried real hard, but the only thing she could get out was a moo.

All the baby cows came over to see why she wasn?t playing with them. She told them what her mommy had said. So, they all practiced saying milk, but still, all that would come out was moo!

From then on, all the cows say moo instead of milk.

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