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Japanimation Essay, Research Paper

The term anime refers to a distinctive tradition in Japanese animation that is

almost immediately recognized by its superior artistic quality. Animation from

Japan, also known as anime or japanimation is quite different from any other kind

of animation including America?s. Animation in Japan is like that of the movie

industry in America. There are categories ranging from sci-fi and action adventure

to romance. Anime in the Japanese culture plays a major role in their lives. Voice

actors become as famous as actors in the U.S. and characters can become instant

pop icons.

Anime is made for all audiences not all the stories end with ?happy ever

after? endings. In contrast to the flat, good vs. Evil plots in American cartoons,

many anime stories deal with complex themes, making complex characters that

change as the story progress. The characters also display more realistic emotions

and reactions to certain situations. Also the attention to detail can seem staggering

and leave you saying ?how did they do that?? The characters are much more

in-depth and seem to have their own personalities. When put in a complex

relationship that develops through a series, the analyses and character development

animators have done is staggering.

Anime is also closely related to Japanese comics. These comics are known

as manga. Many series and movies have got their start from manga. Manga is a $3

billion dollar industry. It also accounts for almost 60% of all print sold in Japan.

The popularity of manga also helps to explain why anime productions values are so

high. Recently a film called The Wings of Honneamaise was made and reportedly

cost $8 million dollars to produce. The production involved the effort of more than

three thousand artists.

Japanima is also known for the fluidity and simple coloring techniques.

Although the quality can very from studio to studio and the type of production, it is

for the most part very realistic and smooth. There are three different types of

animation. There is the television series, OAV (original animated video), and of

course the full length feature films. Television series for the most part run for about

26 to one hundred episodes. These shows are more focused on the story line rather

than the animation. On the other hand OAV series are shorter in length and run

about 3 to 13 episodes, but the animation is higher quality. Lastly the feature length

films have amazing animation with very involved plots and detailed action


Generally Western animation and comics are not well known or even

popular in Asia or Japan. American animated films do not screen in Japanese

theaters, including animated films like Prince of Egypt and Titan A.E. However

American animated programs have and do air on Japanese television, including the

Simpsons, Invasion America, and X-Men. But none of these broadcasts have ever

been really successful or popular in Japan. The only thing that I can guess is that

the Japanese audiences are used to a particular type of animation and comic book

storytelling. They must find that classic American styles interesting only as a

diversion or novelty that is not worthy of genuine interest.

Here are some word that you would hear if you lived in Japan. they mostly

describe types of anime or fans.

Anime: A Japanese word derived from French term for animation.

Doujinshi: A fan produced work of an existing anima. This can range from

professional artists to regular everyday fans.

Otaku: An extremely dedicated fan, usually of anime. This is a bad thing in

Japan, but used with pride in the U.S.

Animation is the one of the biggest industries in Japan and can turn the voice

of a ordinary person into a superstar. Some of Japan?s most talented artists and

musicians are drawn to the manga/anime industry. Parents should keep in mind

that some anime is made for children and some can be enjoyed by the entire family.

While others are made strictly for adults. Even some series broadcast in Japan

contain material that some parents may find inappropriate. Female nudity is

running rampid in anime and even children?s manga. It is expected that boys will

drool over the naked girls. Male nudity is also quite common but usually not in a

sexual situation. It is also in amusing situations in contrast to the boys. It?s

expected that the girls will run shrieking form the sight. Another thing to point out

is that casual none sex related nudity is common thing and is not looked down upon

by Japanese. Even some of the anime that is broadcast on television contains brief

nudity in none sexual situations. Anime unlike the cartoon of America also seems

to deal much more realistically with death and evil.

One of the best known companies in the animation business is Manga. They

have released thousands of tittles. I could go on forever about all the different

movies that they have made but I am going to limit it to one of their best known


Ninja Scroll It is your basic story of good verses evil but it goes much

deeper than that. If you really watch you can see the character develope and grow

as the story proceeds. Ninja scroll takes place in ancient Japan and is the story of a

wandering ninja named Judai he believes in truth and honor. The story begins with

a mysterious plague that is sweeping through the country. This causes a panic and

a group of ninjas known as the Koga ninja clan is sent to check it out. They are

quickly over powered by a demon named Tessi half stone half human. All that

remains is one ninja, her name is Kagero. She trys to escape but is caught by

Tessi and brought back to his home. He begins to rap her (this is also a common

thing in Japanimation. Most of the movies that did not come from television series

have women getting rapped or a sex seen of some sort. In Japan it is as easy to find

a Japanimation with sex in it as it would be to find a store that sold porn here.)

Tessi then hears a voice in the corner asking directions. It is Jubai, Tessi tells

him to ?piss off?. But Jubai stays and asks again this angers Tessi and he swings

his sword at him splitting Jubais ?favorite hat?. Tessi then turns into stone and

says ?What do you wish that you had left when you had a chance to?. Jubai replies

?no I was just wonder you cant be stone all over your body can you? then quickly

throws a sherukin into Tessi?s eye. Jubai and Kagero then flee and get away.

After Jubai saves Kagero they split ways and because of him killing her

attacker the other eight Devils of Kimon come after him. He then is

hired/blackmailed by a shrewd spy ninja for the government known as Dakuwan.

Dakuwan poisons Jubai with a ninja star so that he will have to work for him so he

can get the antidote and also a hundred pieces of gold. Together, Dakuwan and

Jubai end up teaming up with Kagero to battle these demons with super-human

abilities. As more information comes up it the plot becomes more twisted and

blood seems to flow like rain.

It is evident that the Japanese have no problem with showing violence or

nudity in their works. Their characters are much more realistic than those of

America. They are more in-depth and cause you to get involved with the story. Its

a three billoin dollar industry that has gone from the underground to the main

stream. In conclusion anime is a great way to look into the Japanese culture and

even learn their language if you get non dubbed versions.

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