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Carolina Arboleda Essay, Research Paper

Carolina Arboleda was born in Columbia before moving to Greenwich six years ago. She moved to America along with her mother’s side of the family, while her father and his blood related family members remain in Columbia. Carolina’s first impression of Greenwich was that it is a fairly boring town, with an absence of activities and places to go. She did however praise the good school system, and hoped to make the best of her new life.

Family is very important to Carolina. She has a brother who is three years old and a sister who is fourteen years old. She gets along fairly well with her siblings, and spends quality time with her sister, usually going to movies or the library. Since her sister is significantly younger, they don’t associate with the same friends or go to parties together, but maintain a close relationship that she hopes will last a lifetime. Carolina thinks that living with only her mother and siblings brings their family closer as a whole, for everybody has to help out around the house and contribute to the family’s general well being.

In the absence of a job, Carolina spends her time with friends and doing schoolwork. She does not participate in any organized sports, but likes to play basketball and swim at a local park. She says that her mom has never pressured her into doing any sports or activities that she didn’t want to do, but does however support her in her schoolwork. Carolina prefers trips into New York City instead of staying in Greenwich on the weekends where she likes to hang out at video arcades, and go to dance clubs with friends. While stuck in Greenwich Carolina enjoys going to movies and occasionally hanging out at the library, reading and relaxing in the calm environment. Since she does not yet have a car Carolina relies on rides from her mother and friends to take her to school and other activities.

Carolina is a senior at Greenwich High School, a place that plays a very significant role in her life, for it is where she spends most of her time, and it is her performance here, which will determine the next school that she attends. Generally, Carolina likes Greenwich High School, but thinks that it is too strict sometimes. She thinks that the closed-door policies are not needed and just causes a hassle for students in the morning. Carolina tries hard in school so that she can hopefully attend a prestigious college. While she does not yet know exactly where she would like to go, Carolina views The University of Connecticut as a possibility. Carolina expressed interest in majoring in business management or psychology. Both fields that interest her because of the opportunity they will present to her after college.

Carolina is a very ambitious student who has already set lifelong goals. Her academic prowess and stamina will take her far in life. Along with school she has maintained a balance where she can also take part in family activities, and stay close to her brother and sister. Carolina’s fun loving spirit and intelligence makes her easy to talk to, approachable and interesting person.

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