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The Terrible Trins Essay, Research Paper

What the book is about: The book is about a mother mouse named Dolly and three baby mice named Thomas, Richard and Henry. Together they try to defeat the cats in the farmhouse where they live. The mice are taught by their mother on what not to get into like mouse traps and poison. First the mice want to get the white cat out of the house and then the black one. Thomas, Henry and Richard scare the white cat out of the house by shaking up his nerves and the get the black one out when they set up a opsticle to knock off the farmers Scrumpy. The cat jumps onto the table running after the mouse then jumps for him and knocks off the jug and then the jar where the farmer keeps his glass eye. The eye rolls of the table and lands in a hole where the three mice find it. In order to get the farmer to like all the mice which he doesn’t, and to stop trying to kill them Thomas, Richard and Henry take the eye and give it back to him. The farmer is so happy he immediately go’s and take’s all the mouse traps and poison and throws them into the fire and from then on the farmer liked mice.

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