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The book I have chosen to do

a book review on Danny the Champion of the world by Roald Dahl. It was

illustrated by Quentin Blake. The actual copy I have was printed in 1991. The

first time it was printed was in 1975. The publishers that published the book

were Penguin. Danny the champion of the

world is based on Danny and his father living in a caravan. His father has a

deep, dark secret. It is that he is a poacher. Danny had thought of a new

method for poaching. I enjoyed the part when Danny has thought of the new

method for poaching. Danny?s dad was jumping for joy it was though he was the

happiest man alive. The main characters are

Danny, Danny?s dad, Mr. Victor Hazell ad Doctor Spencer. Danny is the main

character his a normal boy living with his dad. His mum had died when he as

four months old. Him and his dad live in a caravan. Danny does go to a village

school although he didn?t start school until he was seven instead of five.

Danny?s dad also plays a main part of the book he is a car mechanic he owns a

petrol station, a caravan which he Danny live in and he owns a field behind.

Mr. Victor Hazell is a big, large man who owns a large peasant farm. Finally

there?s Doctor Spencer he is the doctor of the village. The genre of the book is

adventure. The book is aimed at the teenage and below age. It is suitable for

both boys and girls. Roald Dahl is writing a family life story. The story is

exiting and it has twists and turns in the story. The story is quite easy to

follow. I would seriously recommend

it to children from the ages of ten to thirteen because I really did enjoy it.

It was one of the most enjoyable book I have ever read.

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