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Living In A Virtual World Essay, Research Paper



Skrevet af

Mikel Biegala

Engelsk A

Resume af “Living in a Virtual World”

In the text virtual reality is a new concept which takes humans into a computer-modelled environment. Unlike canned computer graphics , virtual reality images are generated on the fly based where you look and go. The computer gets the movement information from devices like head mounted displays , data gloves , and exoscelets you can wear .Michael Antonoff has tested the virtual reality machine in Mall of America in Bloomington. The game was called “Dactyl Nightmare” ,four people could participate and they should wear a HMD for vision and a joystick with two buttons. It cost 5$ for five minutes to play the game. When Michael A. put the helmet on he had a minute to orient himself in cartoonlike world .The resolution was much lover the on the monitors that showed the bystanders what was going on ,in the HMD of each player.

The game started and you should shoot the other players with a gun that was fired by your joystick. Not only you should kill the other players but you should watch out for a creature that could grab you and kill you. But after ending of the game he did not get isolated from the smell and sound of the bystanders.

Most people believe that HMDs is the minimum of the point entry. The bodysuit fitted virtual reality has not yet left the laboratory , but for now we have gloves fitted spines of fibre with that you can use to pick up objects with , there is only a trouble with the gloves because they loose shape when you use them and with that goes the calibration. The advantage of the data glove is that it is more natural then gripping for a mouse.

One of the first commercialisation?s is found it Tokyo where you walk in a Kitchen World you could make almost everything that you can do at home. But like in every project there still is work in progress. There a many different systems but the most interesting is the NASAs drone submarine that could be controlled by a person wearing a HMD ,there was only a delay on 1,8 second between the HMD and the submarine taking action. The virtual reality work is still in progress and who knows what it will be used for.


“The Virtual World ”

The virtual reality is a new interesting subject that is more and more finding its way in our everyday life. Virtual Reality is a computer generated environment that is trying too copy the real world by giving humans the opportunity to move around a in a world which can be chosen in computer, that means if you want to be in Africa where there are elephants and wild creatures you only have to make program and put it in the computer. This gives humans a possibility to explore other places in the world or space without even be there with your own body.

Maybe in the future it will be possible to operate on a patient from the other side of the world.

This will make a hole new possibility of making things that were not possible before the virtual reality came.

This is a great thing for the humanity but if you think that you use this equipment in every day life you get isolated from other persons and lose the scence of reality.

It is not the same to be travelling in the real world as if the virtual world, because you do not get the same sent of other people and see the world from the same perspective as in real life, and it will be hard to make sex when you do not have the “equipment” that your are born with.

You can not make children if we think that you would be married to another person in the other end of the world. So that kind of things the virtual reality can not be used to. We can only limit ourselves to see, here and maybe feel the other persons that are in the other side of the computer. Another aspect of the virtual reality is that it gives you the possibility to see buildings or other architecture before they are even build so that you can travel through the and se if they are useful to the demands that are given. And in the modern wars the tank could be controlled by persons that are mounted the HMD and controls the from the base station. If think that I rather use the virtual realty for fun than for every day life, because it will never give me the same feeling that I get from being with other people. And if everybody would went to school in the virtual reality world you did not get the same fun as you get now, you could not make the same things that you do like go to NETTO in the lunch brakes.

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