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The relationship between Jaggers and Wemmick seems strictly professional on the surface, but neither one of them is really being themselves. Sometimes they almost seem like an old married couple because they’ve been together so long. But their relationship is not nearly as important as their purpose in Great Expectations, that being as sort of parental figures to Pip in his London life.

When Jaggers and Wemmick are together, they obviously know each other well and have been working with each other for quite a while. But their interactions are superficial and forced. Jaggers is always talking about things in complete logic and seems to only care about money. Later in the book, though, the reader receives a hint into Mr. Jaggers’ past when he mentions that he once had poor dreams. The contrast in personalities with Wemmick is less subtle. He directly tells Pip that he’s two different people. In the office, around Jaggers and clients, money and sense is all he talks. But Pip knows the real him. He takes care of his elderly father, fancies his house a castle, has a girlfriend and proves to be a generally whimsical character.

No matter what personality they put on, the significance of Wemmick and Jaggers is enormous. They could be compared to parents, Jaggers the stern father who hands out the cash to Pip but has a warm heart under the tough exterior, and Wemmick the caring mother who spoils the child when the father doesn’t know. It’s maybe not that simple but they are important role models to Pip during his stay in London

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