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Discuss One Argument For God?S Existence? Essay, Research Paper

Phil 115

Mid-term Exam

Discuss one Argument for God’s Existence?

Proof that the Universe is like a Machine

Throughout time, the question has always arose concerning the existence of God or some type of supernatural being who created the Universe. There are many arguments and explanations that explain if God truly does exist. One such explanation is the Teleological Argument, which bases its explanation of the existence of God on the design and purpose of known things. For instance, we know that there are trees and plants, and that they need sunlight and water in order to grow. Those trees and plants grow from the ground, which is part of the earth. The earth is part of the universe and God had created the universe hence God does exist. The universe works all too perfect for it to have been created in a spontaneous explosion, in it everything has a purpose, just like a machine that God created.

The earth is like a machine as Hume’s writes in Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. He states “ You will find it to be nothing but one great machine, subdivided into an infinite number of lesser machines, which again admit of subdivisions, to a degree beyond what human senses and faculties can trace and explain” (pg 357). From small insignificant insects to large animals and humans, we all rely on the other in order to exist. The universe is broken down into a cycle where the sun helps fertilize the earth’s soil and the moon’s gravitational pull rotates the earth so that the sun may reach the entire planet. The earth, like the universe, resembles a machine, where all the animals in the world rely on the other for food and shelter. For example there are is species of fish which, feed on the parasites that live on a shark’s skin. Without the shark, that fish would cease to exist, and without that fish, the shark probably would not survive very long. The shark itself, is another one of nature’s natural wonders; it is the ocean’s trash disposal. Sharks patrol the oceans depths searching for food to eat whether they are injured fish or trash dumped in the water. Their bodies have great immune systems, which allow them to eat and digest almost anything. Even the most unlikely and unwanted creatures around the household are needed for our survival. Flies, which can be annoying most times, are crucial to the survival of the environment. They feed on the fecal matter of animals and rotting food, their digestive track is specifically designed for that purpose. The design of these animals and their purpose is too perfect to have been created by accident and therefore, this plus many other reasons are what proves that God really does exist.

To begin I’ll start with insects. There are thousands of different types of insects around the world, and each of them does different things to help nature. Some insects serve as trash dispensers by eating non-wanted material on the surface of the ground. Flies and beetles eat animal feces that contain numerous flesh-eating bacterias that would normally poison and in some cases kill a human or any type of animal. God created these insects for a reason. They could not live without the existence of mammals and without those certain insects we wouldn’t be able to live. Other types of insects are used to ferment plants. Bees, for example when traveling from flower-to-flower, carry pollen on their wings. When they land on another flower pollen is transferred to that flower and at this time fertilization takes place, this process is known as pollination. Bees are not the only animals to aid in the fertilization process. Birds and even we humans help too. When we pick flowers or walk in a field among them pollen attaches itself to our legs or hands and when we touch another flower, that flower is pollinated.

Not only are some animals dependent on others for reproduction but also for food. Many people view these as evil and often barbaric parts of nature but really they are not. It all comes down to where an animal is placed on the food chain. The birds and fish eat those insects, which help the flower reproduce. Other birds, such as hawks and eagles, which are higher on the food chain, eat the birds and fish. Those hawks and eagles don’t really have any other direct threats other then the threat of humans, which remain at the top of the food chain. Animals like the bear, lion, tiger, and etc. remain at the top with the human and each could be food if one enters the others dominion. In the beginning of time we relied on the bigger and smaller fur bearing animals as sources for food and clothing. Even today we still hunt these animals, even though it may be for recreation but we are also doing our part in regulating the herds so they do not reach certain heights where they would starve each other to death. If certain deer herds grew too large they would demolish their food source and stave other younger deer. So by allowing hunting the deer can be given to various homeless shelters for food. This process is too perfect; everything relies on the other in order to live.

We have specific proof that the universe exists. Why was it created? Was it specifically built for humans? Well, I think that all of the animals on the earth have a specific purpose, to serve one another. One animal does not have any more of a purpose than the other or is loved by God any more then the other. Although, Clarence Darrow explains that he feels that the earth is more of an ideal environment for insect life. He proves that there are many millions of different species of animals and half of those are insects. They can live and flourish anywhere and even in some cases destroy man. However, man is bigger and smarter then an insect and can easily annihilate one or thousands of insects. Another example to prove that Darrow is wrong is that insects lack free will; they do what they are programmed to do, like little machines. With free will, we have the opportunity to choose and make certain decisions that can have serious consequences on our lives. This does not make us better, but in some ways a bit superior in our own environment. If we were to wander into a shark infested water we would be inferior to the shark. With this superior design for a universe it must lead to the conclusion that God exists because nothing could have been thrown together so perfectly that it would have lasted this long and survived.

If a person could take one day to observe his surroundings he would see how nature and the universe work together. It is all too perfect for a catastrophic explosion to have created a universe so perfect. Everything falls into place too well, this leads to a complete explanation of why God does exist.

The Existence of Evil in The World

God gave us the gift of free will and with that free will also come bad decisions, which sometimes lead to evil. Today evil is the common defense for people to use in proving that there is no God. They often side with the question of, if He truly loves us then why is there evil in the world? For me I see evil used in many different ways. One ways is to see certain kinds of evil as a learning experience. When some bad thing happens to you, you would learn from your mistake. Another reason to explain evil is that it helps us become stronger people. When something tragic affects our lives we are often hurt and this hurt and suffering will make us stronger people. So when this situation arises again you may be able to comfort others. The third type of evil is more of the insensitive reason but this is true. God could be using great natural disasters as a way of population control. Sort of like how we can control population of deer herds. Finally the last type in some ways cannot be explained murder, rape and burglary. These three are horrible evils but can only be explained in a way in which some people are in need of a reality check. Some people get so involved in their work and neglect their families that it’s sad to say that a disaster like this is the only way for the person to realize his/her faults.

When you are young you do stupid things and sometimes the consequences of one stupid thing can be tragic. For one instance a few friends of mine over Christmas break decided to go out to a bar on night. They had a good time and all of them were drinking. The time came when it was time to go home so the driver got in the car, as did everyone else. What they didn’t know was that one of my friends didn’t make it home that night because of one minor mistake. They got into an accident, which left one dead, and the three others walked away with minor scraps and one broken arm. Each of them and those who knew of them learned what one small bad decision could have on a life. I know I leaned a lesson not to drink and drive and I wasn’t even in the car. By the loss of my friend he could have possibly saved a hundred lives. All those who attended his funeral saw the pain and suffering of his family and I hope that message got across to the large group of people who attended.

The second type is the type that makes you stronger. Many people see mental retardation as evil but I don’t. Three summers ago I had the great opportunity to work with persons with disabilities and at first I have to admit I felt bad for them. But by working with them I saw so much more good in them then I did in myself. They helped me realize some gifts that I didn’t even know I had such as patience and to teach. In any type of evil some kind of good will always come out of it.

The next kind of evil is a sort of population control. In the 14th century the population in Europe rose dramatically and it was growing so fast and dramatic that living space was diminishing. With all those people living together in tight quarters disease and sickness would flourish and would easily kill hundreds of thousands of people throughout Europe. When the population diminished enough to where society could function well again the plague disappeared. After the plague it was time of rejoice and prosperity, now there were many jobs opened and now places for people to live. Although great amount of suffering had to happen for this prosperity to happen, it had to have been done. If those people did not die form the plague they would have certainly died of starvation.

The final type of evil is in some ways unexplainable, but it happens. Murder, rape and theft happen just about everyday and in most ways cannot be prevented. These three evils are horrible and I’m sure are tragic, I cannot really comment on these because I had never had any first hand experience with either of them. But you see this evil everyday on the TV, and the only explanation I have for this is that it teaches us and makes us stronger as people. Any time we encounter a moment in our life where we are challenged by a direct or indirect threat it makes us stronger willed people.

You often hear the expression “what doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger” applies to my explanation of evil. I see every bad thing that had happened to you in your life as a learning experience. I know by the death of my friend that I will never drink and drive, to risk my life or someone else’s. God works in mysterious ways.

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