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The Constitution Essay, Research Paper

I support the Constitution. I feel that this is what the United States needs and that it is our only

hope to get through this hard time. The United States will remain weak if this country does not ratify this

so important document. Our country right now is in serious debt. This proposed Articles of Confederation

replacement will get us through this hard money-less time. I support this Constitution with great pride.

The first reason I support this magnificent document is just as right now under the Articles of

Confederation, the country is falling apart. The country is in serious debt. The country has many

problems. The Articles are providing no order to the states. We need a new hope. States are printing their

own money making trade impossible between the states. We also need this Constitution to help stop the

revolts from soldiers and other people demanding money. The U.S. needs this document. I do not

understand why the Anti-Federalists have fears and oppose our future.

The second reason I support the Constitution is the United States will remain weak if the Constitution is not

ratified. If the states can not get along and agree under the Articles of Confederation, then we need

something new that will bring this country together. This Constitution will do this exactly. It will create a

central government that will control that states and keep them together. It will though deny the states from

entering into any treaties, alliances or confederations. It will also solve the problem of states printing their

own money. Thus, bringing the states closer together. The powers the states were able to keep and the

powers that were denied, control any one state from becoming to powerful. The Constitution of the United

States will bring this country together.

The third and final reason I support the Constitution of the United States is that our country is in some

pretty serious debt. The Constitution of the United States will give us a new light and way to go and get

through these barriers the Articles of Confederation are presenting. After we had finished this turning point

war, we had exhausted all of our gold. The soldiers are demanding their pay for their work during the war,

but their is nothing to give them. The value of the dollar has dropped to about $0.35! This means prices

are going up. The Constitution has the solution to this problem too. Our country is printing money without

the gold to back it up. This is the solution the Articles of Confederation provided, but the Constitution

would never allow this to take place. We need this document and we need it now.

As a Federalist I feel this Constitution is a safe and secure investment to our country. Anti-Federalists feel

and say that the Constitution will take away individuality. This is not so because of the soon to be added

Bill of Rights. The first item on the list to be added will protect against the lose of individuality and many


In these paragraphs I have explained why I so proudly support this Constitution. I have told why the

Constitution of the United States will solve out money problems, state relationship problems, and our

problem of becoming a strong new nation. All of these problems have a one word, one line answer,

Constitution. That is why I support this awesome and magnificent document.

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