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President Of USA Essay, Research Paper

The position of being the president of the United States is the most powerful

office in the world. The president is the leader of a nation of wealth and great

military strength. Unlike most governments around the world, our president is

the chief of state and a head of government. Also each and every president has

played their own important role in shaping our history. A person who would like

to run for president must fit the qualifications. First of all he must be a

"natural born" citizen of the United States. The person must be at

least 35 years of age and must have lived in the United States for fourteen

years or more. After this the person is then nominated by a national political

party convention. Then the person is elected by the vote of the electoral

college which is held in December following the election on the first Tuesday in

November every four years. The inauguration is held January 20 after election.

The president is elected for a four year term but he may not be elected for more

than two terms. The president yearly receives a salary of two hundred thousand

dollars. After leaving office he is eligible for a pension of ninety nine

thousand five hundred dollars. The daily life of the president is filled with

many tasks. Being the chief of state the president performs many public and

ceremonial duties. He also must make sure federal laws are enforced. The

president also acts as the commander in chief of the nations armed forces and he

is in charge of the national defense. The president is in charge of determining

United States relations with other countries. The executive branch of the

federal government is run by the president. The branch consists of thirteen

executive departments, and over one hundred independent agencies. Almost three

million civilian employees and two million members of the armed forces are

included in the executive branch. Over the years the presidents responsibilities

have increased. Court decisions, customs, laws and other developments have

expanded the presidents responsibilities and powers. Different powers are used

by the president to carry out his administrative duties. There are hundreds of

laws that give the president emergency powers. This means that the president has

special authority to prevent or end a national emergency. The president can also

give executive orders. Executive orders have the force of a law that are issued

through directions, proclamations or statements by the president. They require

no action by congress. Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation

which was on of the most famous executive orders ever. It declared freedom for

all slaves in the areas under the confederate control.

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