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The Crucible Sumary Essay, Research Paper

The Crucible is a play about witchcraft. It all begins with a group of young

women playing with witchcraft taught by Tituba and Abigail William?s.

Reverend Parris found them and most of the girls scattered but the smallest girls

stayed, frozen with fear.

The people of Salem, where the setting is, hold a church meeting and

call Reverend Hale to decide if it is witchcraft. Hale comes to Salem and gets the

girls to confess and blame Tituba, the slave that taught them witchcraft. Tituba

confesses and blames the devil.

The city of Salem called in deputies to try people for witchcraft and the

girls start their acts of vengeance on the entire town.

Abigail William?s who lusts for John Proctor tries to bring Elizabeth

Proctor, Johns wife, to trial. Abigail went to the council and pulled a needle out

of her stomach and claimed Elizabeth was responsible. Hale visited Elizabeth

again and found a needle stuck in the abdomen of a doll. Abigail had planted it.

The chaos continued and the girls continue to pretend to see the devil

during the trials, but to find out what happens you?ll have to read the play.

There are many themes that you can explore in this play; marital relationships,

the effects of mass hysteria, but the most important is, understanding the

concept of dignity and honor.

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