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Should Marijauna Be Legalized Essay, Research Paper

Should Marijuana be legalized?

United States is facing many controversial issues today. The highly controversial issue that comes up in Newspapers again and again concerns the legalization of Marijuana. Some people support and believe that legalization is the only solution left for the nation while others oppose it because it will help to increase the number of drug users and drug related crimes. Marijuana is illegal in United States. Marijuana is the product of leaves from a plant that contains a substance that people use to get high. Scientists found that Marijuana can cause several side effects to your brain and body, such as lost of memory and breath problems. People usually smoke marijuana in cigarettes and pipes, but it can also be mixed in food and beverages. Legalization of Marijuana has many pro and cons. Today, most people want it legalize.

One good use of marijuana is for medical purpose. Pro marijuana legalization groups such as the Physician s Association for AIDS Care, National Lymphoma Foundation argue that it should be legalized in order to treat ill patients. They claim that legalized marijuana will help a lot of patients, who are suffering from Glaucoma (It is leading cause of blindness in United States), Chronic Pain (Pain that is usually caused by injuries and disorders) and in Aids, Cancer and Epilepsy .Yes, it is medicine, because Marijuana is one of the Safest therapeutically active substances [website: Marijuana as medicine]. Marijuana seems to be most effective for three to five hours. Opponents such as Drug Enforcement Agency doesn t want it to be legal because there is no hard core evidence that proves that marijuana has medical value after twenty years of research. Critics contend that after taken for a period of time, the person may become tolerant to the drug and reduce effectiveness. The American Cancer Society, American Glaucoma Society, the National Multiple Sclerosis, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the American Medical Association, say that there is no evidence that it is a medicine .In this situation too many people will be intolerable.

Supporters of drug legalization believe that crime and violence would decrease if drug use were to be legal. Statistics tell us that almost half of those arrested for committing a crime test positive for the use of drugs at the time of their arrest. Making drugs more readily available could only propel more individuals into a life of crime and violence. In addition, drug users turn to crime to pay for their habits because drugs stimulate them to act violently .If drugs as marijuana sold legally, it will become easy for users to buy it around the corner. Last year in some big club on girl was raped by someone after gave her some kind of drug. This legalization will surely affect society in many ways to increase number of crimes.

However, drug use is a matter of demand and supply. As long as demand exists, someone is going to supply either legally of illegally. Supporters of legalization believe that if the government regulate drugs such as cocaine and marijuana by imposing taxes, then the black market will be easy to control. However, the higher the tax rate, the higher the price of the drugs, and not many users can afford to buy high priced marijuana. Therefore, they will have to go to drug gangs who sell marijuana under the market price. In addition, children and teenagers will be obviously banned from purchasing marijuana just like cigarettes and liquor. Hence, there will be drug pushers who will continue to encourage the youngsters and try to sell them and hooked to marijuana. Therefore, legalization will encourage a growing criminal black market instead of decrease.

There are many other side effects of marijuana. It is right that marijuana that helps some certain kind of patients, but it has many disadvantages to patients. Marijuana is harmful to AIDS and Cancer patients as well because the active substance in marijuana reduces the bodies white blood cells, which fights off infection. The most fear in comes in my mind about legalization will effect our new generation. Researchers prove that use of marijuana can reduce the sperm of the male sex hormone. Among females, it can cause irregularity and reduced fertility that will effect on births that can cause heath problems in new generation .May is they will be not as much healthier as they are now.

Supporters believe that legalization drugs will present more options to pharmists to research on marijuana and to let doctors treat their patients without any fear .A scientific survey of oncologist (cancer specialist) found that 54% of those control medically marijuana and 44% have already broke the law by obtaining marijuana illegally. They believe legalization would save a lot of lives and help to give better treatment to patients. Christine Kehoe, city council of San Diego (California) said she all committee support the medical use of marijuana in the city of San Diego.[Website: Legal marijuana in California].

Over all it is still highly controversial issue. Such states Texas, California, Massachusetts have recognized marijuana s value as medicine, and legal under the few programs at a recommendation of doctors .One of things that bother me the most about the legalization argument is the mixed message to our young people .I believe that we must change our attitude towards drugs and focus on prevention and treatment, but we need to maintain the laws that keeps our country drug free .One day I talked with Tim (a cop of lake county sheriff for 15 years) and his opinion in this matter is that we can t control this thing so easily. When the president of the country tried these drugs when he was young, he said even he tried it when he was young, so how can we stop it so easily. After all marijuana should be legalized for medical purpose in all United States.


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