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Business Essay, Research Paper

Business World Today

My thoughts on the business world today are good and bad. I also think it depends on the person and the morals, or ethics they have. The study and evaluation of decision making by businesses according to moral concepts and judgments. Ethical questions range from practical, narrowly defined issues, such as a company s obligation to be honest with its customers, to broader social and philosophical questions, such as a company s responsibility to preserve the environment and protect employee rights. Many ethical conflicts, I believe, develop from conflicts between the differing interests of company owners and their workers, customers, and surrounding community. Managers must balance the ideal against the practical and the need to produce a reasonable profit for the company s shareholders with honesty in business practices, safety in the workplace, and larger environmental and social issues. To me Ethical issues in business have become more complicated because of the global and diversified nature of many large corporations and because of the complexity of government regulations that define the limits of criminal behavior. For example, multinational corporations operate in countries where bribery, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and lack of concern for the environment are neither illegal nor unethical or unusual. I think the company must decide whether to adhere to constant ethical principles or to adjust to the local rules to maximize profits. As the costs of corporate and white-collar crime are high, both for society and individual businesses, many business and trade associations have established ethical codes for companies, managers, and employees. That s my thoughts on the business world today.

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