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Islamic Religion Essay, Research Paper

I do not agree with the Islamic beliefs that God is the enemy of unbelievers. As an outsider to this religion this does not sit well with me. I believe God has no enemies. Wait, I mean he loves everyone, but I?m kind of unsure of his feelings towards child molesters, rapists and murderers. I in no way believe he hates or has enemies. That is only how I was raised though. I can understand why Muslims may believe this, this is what they were taught to believe. The one thing I had trouble with was the Muslim belief that their book came first. How can they say that? No one today knows which book came first. Does it really matter anyway? I don?t think so.

I am a little confused about where they state Mosses and Jesus in regard to their God. Don?t Muslims believe we all have one God? I thought they did, but here it comes across to me that there are different Gods. I think I must have misunderstood this part.

When they speak of the final judgement I have to go back to my original thought on God is everything. This statement that ? It is we who will resurrect the dead, We record the Deeds of glorious men?, are they again saying that we are in some way God. I know this is probably a strange view, but I can?t help but ponder that, it?s starting to bug me! To me, it sounds as though they think God is everything. This in turn includes people. I also get the feeling that in the end we are the ones who decide and judge ourselves. We look into our soul and mull over the good and bad in our life. We judge ourselves in the end. So, I think that maybe our daily judgements of ourselves, am I good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, kind enough and so on, is just practice for the final judgement. Everyday of our lives we are constantly judging others, and ourselves trying to better ourselves and in the end we do all again. Maybe that is why we live in such a judgmental society; we?re just people in practice for the inevitable judgement of ourselves. This will be not a juvenile judgment of looks, popularity, acceptance, kindness and status. This final judgement will be the ultimate decree of who we are and when we will go. This will tell us the value eof our life, it?s more than Heaven and Hell, it?s looking at something we never want to face during our lifetime, it?s a deep look into oneself. And that scares the hell out of people!

I don?t understand how a religion that believes so strongly in predestination, can hold up high something they have no control over. If we are predestined to go to Heaven or Hell, what does it matter to the Islamic religion what it says in the Book on judgement day? I would think they wouldn?t be nervous at all. It sounds like to me if you are Muslim, you can rape, murder and hurt anyone and it has no bearing on your place in the afterlife. They can do anything because it doesn?t matter! Their future is predestined and that is something I completely disagree with! I believe God knows what is going to happen, but it?s not a set plan. Things do happen for a reason, but they are not preplanned. God knows what he?s doing and he gave us free will to do what we want. He will help us through it. He may not seem like he is there when you need him, but he is. He knows what the outcome of things will be. I do think he can be surprised though. If I were to go nuts and kill someone, I think he?d be shocked. I also think though in a way he knows what will happen ahead of time and He tries to get us to avoid it, but he can?t stop it, I don?t think.

Look, I don?t want to make any assumptions about God because I don?t know anything, I can only believe and hope and pray that I am on the right track with my religion. I also know that there is 22-year-old girl sitting at her computer just like me and wondering the same thing. That Muslim girl can only believe, hope and pray that she is on the right track with her religion, just like me. That is all she, anyone and myself can do. Just believe what they have and will believe in the future, if we don?t have that, what else is there?

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