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Legalize Marijuana Essay, Research Paper

Of all the illegal substances people are putting into their bodies these days marijuana is the most frequently used. It has been and will continue to be used experimentally, spiritually, and even for pure enjoyment. Marijuana is used in some fashion in almost all countries across the globe. In countries in Africa, South America and Central America, it has been the central tool for spiritual events. In America and other up-scale countries such as Italy and France, marijuana is being used for medical reasons. Patients are being prescribed marijuana for cancer and Aids, and it has been known to help and save many lives. Of all the legal and illegal substances that are used, marijuana is the safest and should be legalized.

Marijuana is not the only widely used illegal substance. Substances such as heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy are also commonly used amongst Americans and in other societies. In my research there is no proof that these substances are helpful in any way, but their use is increasing every day. Legal substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and nicotine may be the only substances used more frequently than marijuana. People who are under age are using these substances illegally. In most areas in the United States, the law states that you must be twenty-one and eighteen to use tobacco. Laws for alcohol and tobacco vary greatly throughout the world. Even these legal substances have no beneficial attributes besides being used as a social tool. In fact, these legal substances are under great controversy as being more detrimental the marijuana.

Medical usage of marijuana has become more and more common lately. An increasing number of states are proposing the legalization of medical utilization of marijuana including Washington. Marijuana has many possible medical uses, which includes treatment for cancer, Aids, and glaucoma sufferers. Aids can cause one to have a loss of appetite that leads to weight loss. The use of marijuana for these patients can increase their appetites. Cancer patients who go through the treatment of chemotherapy have an increase in nausea. The use of marijuana can relieve nausea allowing a person to retain or regain weight. Marijuana also benefits glaucoma patients by reducing ocular pressure that can cause damage to the eye. Of all the “harmful” substances, marijuana seems to be the only one that has any medical value.

No questions have been brought up about substances such as cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy are dangerous, addictive, and cause permanent damage to your brain and body. These harmful substances can also lead to depression, cause short temper, and make you become less sociable and less beneficial to society. Obviously these substances should be illegal and remain illegal. Marijuana, on the other hand, is not physically addictive in the same way and does not cause permanent damage to your body and brain. Studies have been done that include tests of users of marijuana, non-users of marijuana, and users of both marijuana and ecstasy. Since most users of ecstasy also have used marijuana, a significant number of exclusive ecstasy users could not be obtained. In this study, IQ tests were taken on the patients. No differences were found in the IQ’s of patients who just smoked marijuana and the non-users of marijuana and ecstasy. However, the users of both ecstasy and marijuana showed a significant decrease in IQ. This study indicates that marijuana causes no long-lasting damage to one’s brain. Compared to other substances in its category, marijuana is obviously the safest one. Comparing it to other substances such as, alcohol and tobacco is another thing.

The social attributes of marijuana are questionable. It has been known to cause people to become isolated or less sociable. People in other societies would argue this to their greatest ability. In third-world countries and other up-scale countries, such as Holland and parts of Canada, marijuana is commonly accepted and used as a social tool. However, marijuana as it is commonly used is not helpful socially. Alcohol has to be the most frequently used substance for social reasons. Many people cannot even go out into society without the use of alcohol. Does this not say something about how alcohol must be dangerous and cause people to act outside their normal judgments? Marijuana also may have this effect, but definitely not to the extent of alcohol. For example, a driver who has been drinking alcohol is probably driving over the speed limit, swerving, and unaware of the surroundings. On the other hand, a driver who has been smoking marijuana, regardless of the amount, is as aware of the surroundings as normal if not more. The speed they are driving may not be the speed limit, but it is definitely not above. In all my years of knowing people who use marijuana, I have never seen or ridden with a person who is high on marijuana, speed excessively. I am not saying that marijuana does not affect one’s judgment; it definitely does. Anytime someone is under the influence of anything, they are not in their normal state of mind. However, the mental effects of marijuana are safer and more desirable than those of alcohol. As another example, imagine a couple on alcohol and another couple who has been smoking marijuana. Both may be having a great time, laughing together and enjoying each other’s company. The couple on alcohol, more often than not, has one thing on the mind, sex. The other couple has another thing in mind, a good time. Now not all couples that drink have problems controlling their sexual temptations. Nevertheless, it is a fact that people who have been drinking are more likely to engage in sexual activities than people who have not. A couple that is high may also think about sex, but the frequency of this occurring is much less than if they had been drinking. Obviously alcohol is more detrimental to one’s behavior than marijuana. must be considered.

The safety factors of marijuana must be considered. Obviously, it is not good for unless you consider the medical reasons. Anything that is taken in your lungs through the form of hot smoke is not good for you. Why is tobacco so widely accepted? Many say that it is because tobacco has no mental side effects. While that may be true, tobacco kills more people than any other substances. Everyday tobacco kills 1200 people. That is more than alcohol and marijuana has taken throughout its history. Marijuana, to this day, has never been known as the sole cause of someone’s death. Tobacco is also more addictive than marijuana. The nicotine in tobacco continues to claim new victims everyday. Besides cocaine, it is the most addictive substance. That is why there are so many smoking prevention aids today to help people stop smoking. The only thing that there is for marijuana users is counseling and therapy. I have known many people who smoke cigarettes, smoke marijuana, and a few who use cocaine. I have also known people who have quit the use of these substances. The people that I have become aquatinted with that smoke cigarettes and have a desire to quit have not been able to without the use of these aids. People who have quit cocaine have needed counseling. People, whom I have known, who have tried to quit smoking marijuana have not needed any aid or counseling.

Marijuana is an illegal substance, at least in our society. Therefore, it is not right for someone to use it. Since the law is the abiding rule, anything that is against the law is not right. Why is it against the law? I suppose it is because it does have an effect on one’s personality and mental capability, but look at alcohol. It is legal for people over twenty-one, yet it has more of an effect on one’s mental capability than marijuana. Marijuana has beneficial side effects whereas there have not been any known from alcohol or tobacco except alcohol lower the chance of heart disease. As I discussed earlier, tobacco has become the known as one of the most dangerous substance. In light of these facts, there are no real reasons that marijuana should be illegal or not have a legal age limit for using the drug. I believe that it is illegal because it always has been illegal and everyone is scared to admit that they do it. Something needs to be done towards legalizing marijuana or making alcohol and tobacco laws stricter. Clearly, marijuana is he safest substance to use and should be legalized.


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