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The Unattended Graveyard Essay, Research Paper

As the unfriendly, ice-cold wind travelled precipitously over the neglected heath, I made my first brave step towards the enormous entrance leading into the settlement of those abandoned souls. While I continued at a steady pace towards the screeching, corroded gateway I felt the irregular and jagged rocks as they were slowing me from reaching up to the gate. The closer I seemed to get towards the overpowering, fully grown gateway the darker the area became with the stealthily moving shadows. When I looked up I saw a gigantic, frightening gate towering over me. I made an attempt to curiously look through the gate. However by performing this I found that I could not see anything through it at all but just a pitch-black darkened area. It was as if it was a magical and dimensional portal, which travelled me to something further then the zodiac. Courageously I pulled the rusted gate open, which was scraping my soft skin, I found myself in a whole new unnatural world. There were huge amounts of rotting gravestones in an extremely vast area contained in by gloomy, overpowering trees. Before entering the graveyard I noticed that there seemed to be no stars in the sky except for one, which seemed to be strongly battling and competing with the rest of the darkness in the sky. I made my first movements inside the charmed graveyard I could smell nothing but the decaying flavour of rotten flesh and suffocating odour. I then walked around browsing and searching for the specific something that I was searching for. I found that there seemed to be no living sounds except of the cooing of the owl and the desperate cries of the eagle. I wondered around getting deeper and deeper into the vast graveyard I seemed to hear the howling of a hungry wolf urgently searching for its prey. The thought crossed my mind to cowardly turn back and retreat from the bewitched colonization of lifeless souls the thought came back to about the whole reason for attending the place.

Then I remembered all for her. We were at the best part of our complicated and industrialised lives; we had just been blessed with our second little girl. Just seeing her in the morning would lighten up my entire day from a dull grey to sensational yellow. The kids and her were the only reason I was living. However one day she had been moribund with fever. The federal investigators guaranteed and assured me that she died from natural causes, I would not let it end there. The inimical, social services also then took my kids because of me being apparently ?insane?. So in the range of just under a lousy week I not only lost my beloved wife but also my irreplaceable girls. Even among all the rotten, devilish scents and feelings there was something that seemed to just wonder around the lifeless region. Something as majestically as her beatified, genial, kind, gentle and good hearted soul. I sensed however that it had unfinished business and was left wondering peacefully. It was then when I remembered the key moments in my peculiar life that I had happily shared with her, from the time of when we met to the very day before she was wiped of the face of this very cold-hearted earth. It would be very hard to put her personality and appearance into words. She was an incredibly good hearted, kind, open minded and, openhearted female who wanted nothing but peace and of the well being of family. Her dazzling blonde hair and baby blue eyes was the only thing that could start to compare to her fabulous personality. Her legs were as smooth as silk and as soft as a dove, it was times like these that made me miss her the most.

Remembering back on her gave me the true inspiration to proceed on with my original intentions. For some time I bravely wondered in search of something which I had no clue about, However I continuously reassured myself that it would have to be something that would have not let her die in vain. However as I then continued to wonder around, the previous focused and happy attitude turned into an attitude of abhorrence and bereavement. I then noticed that I seemed to notice the dark, evil and depressing side of all things and I became low spirited and downhearted. I still however continued my journey while I came to a drenched and thick, inky-black swamp. The smell coming from the swamp was dreadfully unspeakable of. The most puissant trees contained inside the swamp looked as if someone had physically drawn out the beauty and the living part of them which made them look like nothing but dangling, shuddering weeds with crispy, withered leaves. The trunks of the trees were desperately trying to hold on to its last bit of life while bearing the whole weight of the tree. I picked up a stick and observed the swamp I saw that it was thicker than custard and filthier than a dustbin. I dropped the stick inside and watched being slowly devoured by the dense power of the swamp. I then began finding a way to cross the swamp without stepping one of my delicate feet inside it. As I continued to follow it I got the impression that I was walking in circles and that I was getting nowhere, so I decided to find the shortest part and make a run through it. The shortest part I figured was around four metres long. It appeared however that along this specific bit there was steam rising and bubbling filth. After moments of thought I decided to make a suicidal jump and clear the swamp. I reversed my steps carefully to make myself a long enough run up while also kicking out unwanted stones that might get in my way. I looked up took a deep breath and accelerated quickly towards the devouring and deadly swamp. I leaped a few centimetres before I had touched it I closed my eyes and only hoped for the best. My tired eyes were then quickly opened when I found that I had made it successfully to the other side and that I was also losing balance and was getting very near to falling into the very heart of it. Leaning my maximum weight ahead of me I had successfully held on and had conquered another part of this terrifying, risky graveyard.

Continuing my unforeseen journey walking steadily and briskly through the entire minor, evil things getting into my way. Passing through such an extreme amount of graves and I would have thought that I had seen every possible grave, however every minute I would see a new one which I had never come across before. Just before I was thinking that I had not seen anything hugely irregular I saw a skeleton of a male who still had his clothes on. The items of clothing that he was wearing resembled that of a safari scout. As I first looked in shock and then in fear I decided that I should examine the body. Next to his femur bone was a light cr?me-coloured candle lying next to a silver revolver. After I had gradually leaned down to take them I found a pair of matches, which I swiftly retrieved to my pocket. Lazily reaching into the left pocket of his trousers was a small wrinkly envelope-saying nothing on the cover but ?URGENT?. I found this odd and ripped the envelope open. I then carefully opened the letter and then examined it I discovered that the date contained on the letter was of that exact day. As I then tried to find a reasonable explanation for this unexplainable circumstance I could think of nothing at all. After a few seconds of deep thought I found no reason for this. Reading the rest of the letter, which only contained a single sentence in it, it neither had anything saying to who it was or whom it was from. The sentence contained was ?beware! The dead and the dark lurk out tonight.? It then had this sentence repeated. It sounded like some mystical warning about this specific night. Placing the letter in my breast pocket I promptly proceeded with my search. Suddenly I stopped while hearing the wind rustle heavily with a chill through some frightful dead leaves, I turned around and noticed something very strange.

?That?s odd,? I said, the skeleton had been moved somehow; I could have sworn that the skeleton was behind a cross-shaped grave. However the one it was behind now appeared to be the shape of a regular tombstone shaped like a short rectangle. Walking several steps forward and then sharply and swiftly turning by body around one hundred and eighty degrees to look back at the skeleton. It was in the exact position that it was before, feeling then in my heart that I must be seeing things and that I was allowing my fear get the better of me. Walking the next twenty yards without any adventure I began to feel extremely sleepy and exhausted. I told myself though that I would not close a single eye until my reason for going there was complete. I started to then feel delirious and it was compulsory for me to urgently take a rest. I then laid down next to the nearest and the least rotten tree, I felt the hard mouldy, dark-brown, trunk of the tree as it was slowly grazing the back of my head. However this did not in any way keep me awake, a few seconds later I was sleeping like a baby. That night I felt as if I was without a soul considering I also seem to not have had a single dream at all except from one, which I seem to not remember at all. One thing I do now however that this nightmare left me with by body temperature rising and making me sweat.

As I woke up later on deeper into the night the cold blooded wind struck a chill to me as if it was calling me towards the heart of the dreaded place. I lifted myself swiftly and crisply and examined the mammoth tree and circling it to get a clear description of it. When I was satisfied with my inspection of the tree I made a leaping attempt to climb it. Throwing my left arm into the air and getting a hard grip of it I then threw my right arm as well. Pulling the weight of my body up I assigned my right arm to grab on to the trunk and my other arm to get a lower grip of the branch. I then made a took a long observation and I planned the way in which I was going to get up, reaching a conclusion I then started to pass the branches one by one by using the same technique as I had used to conquer the first branch. The higher I got it seemed to get surprisingly cleaner it became; the tree appeared to be around twenty feet high. As I took one curious look below me I was filled with fear and uncertainty and nearly lost control of myself. Pulling myself together I reminded myself to not look down. Approaching the top I found that the taller trees still covered my view and I was slightly disappointed. I sat on the top branch I took one good look at the decayed and withered branches helplessly holding on to their leaves. Then I decided I would not give up hope and I must carry on. As I slowly started climbing down I attempted to not look below at the musty ground and to concentrate on cautiously not misplace my trembling feet. As I approached the second to last branch to climb down there was a terrifying creak, which sounded, and the branch fell dramatically to the heavy ground. In a moments thought I leaped for the branch below while panicking aggressively. The branch that fell was a foul brown and had a rough pattern with an erose texture. As soon as it fell a huge colony of ants emerged from the tree taking away the little life that it had. Seconds later there wasn?t an ant to be seen; they had all mystically taken themselves into the earth. When I was happy with the entire colony of the ants fully departing I descended down the aberrant tree. Setting my foot on the ground gave me a slight sense of insecurity and I did not feel as safe as I was from when I was on the tree. Looking right and then left I walked straight on while speculatively looking back at the path that I had come from and at the ruined, partly damaged tree. This seemed to remind to remind me of my lonesome childhood from the time I was born to the time from when I had broken my left arm.

I had never known my inconsiderate and narcissistic father; he left me before I had even come into this world. My considerate mother then tragically died two years after I was born. I was then apparently sent to an orphanage were I had spent the younger parts of my childhood. I was eleven, and a young married couple that always wanted the best for me eventually adopted me. I found myself however being extremely insensitive and mean to them. I had wished my whole life the opportunity to simply apologise for my behaviour. This became impossible because the were on there way to the hospital while my step mother was expecting and they had an accident. Their whole car was smashed into bits and the wide selection of layettes was horribly burnt. The excitement of my step farther became cries as he wiped the blood from his whimpering mouth. Two hours later he joined the unborn child and its mother.

I was unsure about the time of the day because the graveyard seemed to be extremely dark at all times. When I had come to an anthropomorphic tree with a glutinous texture and an inhuman chillness to it. If I knew no better I would have thought it to be alive. As I walked past it a collision took place between my thigh and the edge of the tree. I looked down at my thigh and saw a contusion, which resulted in making my skin into a much darker colour. Facing the humanlike tree I was filled with abomination towards the tree and considered violently kicking it. I knew that this however would come to no good at all and instead I smiled at it sarcastically. Just when I said concisely to myself ?could this get any worse? it started to rain.

At first with clear, light droplets precipitating to the ground at the speed of my beating heart. However the minor driblets hit the shrivelled leaves as if they were an enraged speed-train as it was hitting a helpless squirrel. The fierce raindrops also enhanced my terrorizing fear for the captivated area. My thick dark hair quickly became damp and my clothes slightly soaked. Walking a few paces I felt the blood inside of me very gradually building up speed in a fierce manner. Also the trees seemed to make an unnatural covering of the little light that was produced by the moon. Making the moonlight gasp and choke for air. The little moonlight that came seemed to pick out everything in vivid black shadow or silvery illumination. A shadow came sweeping up in front of me and then as it passed me I felt a chill travel up my spine and I was filled with wretchedness. The synchronised, direful shadows moved with a slow torturing speed. I placed my trembling hand into my pocket containing the candle and matches. I pulled out a single matchstick from the matchbox and made an attempt to light it. As soon as I saw the smallest of a spark as the friction of the two met it, a wild, temporary wind shot past it at the speed of a bullet. Only the polluted smoke of the match was left rising into the trees above me. I dropped it while pulling out another match. I then guided it along the side of the matchbox, and scratching away with hysterical determination, a flickering flame had been born. It brought an island of light and brought slight happiness to me. I was admiring its small flame majestically dancing in the air. As I blinked the flame seemed to be no more. I was filled with questions as to whether I had done it in a flash of absentmindedness. I pulled out another match and placed it against the wick of the candle. The candle had willingly been lit and I dropped the box of matches towards the floor. Moving my candle from side to side I began to get a slightly better image of the area I was contained in. Walking through the graveyard while dodging the mammoth trees I found my heartbeat quickening in speed.

The rain became heavier but still quite light. The showering black rain turned the soil into boiling mud and puddles splashed as I walked through them. One thing that had occurred to me was that the candle had not gone out even though the rain seemed to rapidly hit upon it. I became slightly proud of it and I thought to represent myself in this ocean of darkness and mystery. Coming to an opening I discontinued my walk and stood still while carefully browsing my surroundings. In the huge opening I found a single, bromine coloured grave, which had huge scratch marks on it like those of a tiger. The vexatious rain slimily moved through the deep wounds on the grave. The name of the grave was unreadable due to the scratch marks. However it had a date saying ?1771-1796? that was well over a hundred years ago. It had no part saying ?R.I.P. or anything saying something about who they were just ?1771-1796?. Looking down I saw that I saw a glimpse of a reflection of myself in a liquidized, icy puddle. My visit to the graveyard seemed to make my normal face very peculiar and I found my eyes being shrouded with mist and narrowly opened. My hair had been blown way out its original style and been tangled like the weeds in an overgrown garden. I made an effort to re-position the style of it into a side parting to the left. Hearing a howl of a wolf that was as loud as a lion?s roar I aggressively looked to were the sound came from. Looking steadily towards that area I heard a second howl from the opposite direction that seemed to be coming from the same insane wolf. I thought this to be impossible so I told myself that it must have been a different desirous wolf. It was then that I felt the first drop of sweat as it fell down my pale cheek and towards my speechless mouth. It was extremely and utterly warm compared to the droplets of gelidity rain. Still observing the opening an accursed fog came over it. It wasn?t very thick, but dark and beclouded enough to not allow me to see twenty metres in front of myself. It seemed to not just pass away but it looked like it was here to stay. I sighed to myself and continued my search walking only straight and keeping my head low.

My head rose high and observant when I smelt something alike that to tar and the excretion of a pig. I held my hand to my nose and looked around helplessly to find the cause of the smell. It was then that the hydrous rain started to get much faster and hit the ground like a great ton of bricks hitting the earth. When the abominated rain hit the puddles a great cataclysm in the water. I then found myself extremely and so utterly soaked that the water had even managed to flood my undergarment making me think negatively. My drenched clothes dragged me to they ground with a greater force then gravity. I still however continued at a faster pace then normal and found myself slowly but surely quickening into a slow rush. The harder the rain seem to get the faster my legs were moving until I stumbled on an uninvited rock. I fell to the ground like an elephant and fell head first into a filthy and abominable puddle of muddy water. I was fully covered in mud on the front of my body; as I was lying there the rain hit my back as If it was a great leviathan falling on me. The waterfall amounts of water gashed on me while I was lifting my mucky face, I snatched my unlit candle as I rose to my feet. I proceeded with my search while wiping the mud of my squalid appearance. Turning my head from side to side while walking I firmly held my source of light in my hand. Just when I thought that the rain could not get stronger or more aggressive the rain combined with small snowflakes that gradually turned into small snow. At first they seemed very exquisite and as they floated gracefully floated through the asphyxiated air. Slowly as I was admiring them I felt a small hailstone hit my head it made me jump. Turning round to find to it on the floor for were it had dropped another fell on my head, harder and even more punishing. When the third had hit me however I looked up and attempted to evade them. Suddenly they started becoming more affective and more punishing. I covered my head with my arms. I speeded up into a brisk walk trying to avoid the penalizing hailstones. I felt a hailstone travel icily down my back causing great discomfort to me while making my heart beet faster and faster. As the pulsation of my heart grew the hailstones fell quicker until both hailstones and rain were falling on to me. It was then that I saw the first strike of lightning and heard the first deadly sound of the immortal thunder. The whole graveyard lighted up from the jolts of lighting, one of them hitting the peak of an immense tree bringing it crashing to the ground and causing a tremble and slight quake. It fell before me and sent the damp mud beneath splattering towards my worn out feet. I made an intelligent, springing leap over it and avoided the next savage tree that came dashing distressfully in front of me. My brisk walk had by now turned into an effortful jog. I still held my trusty wax light in my hand I developed into a slow sprint in the intention to dodge the hailstones easier. The hammering hailstones that came down previously seemed like small children compared to the muscular adult sized hailstones falling later on.

A single hailstone came rumbling to my head nearly knocking me to the ground. I staggered to my feet and began to run with celerity and with all my might. I saw before my very eyes the graveyard getting eaten up by it self. Huge shadows covered over me at all times except for when the huge volts of the lighting jolts were released into the atmosphere, sending the fearful shadows away. Continuing my running I did not feel weary at all due to the huge crackling flames of fire behind me. I clearly had seen many trees incinerate before me. Tripping over the root of a tree, my candle began rolling away from me and had been turned into liquidized wax, becoming slowly extinct from the face of the earth. Lifting myself up without looking I struck myself heavily on the trunk of a Brobdingnagian tree. Fleetly staggered back, and turned while, flinging out my arms in a vain effort to thrust the lumbering darkness away from me. While my feet dropped me into a puddle I found myself drowning in a fatal puddle of mud, using some of the last energy that I had o lifted myself only to be hit by another lethal tree. After several beatings and failing attempts to escape from the venomous, pernicious area I collapsed onto the border of being unconscious and dead. Lying helplessly on the ground I saw a vague figure approaching towards me. When he came closer towards me I caught a sudden description of him in my head. I saw some lividness in his face; he was around six foot tall and had an eye patch covering over his right eye. However it seemed that in the one inflamed, infuriated eye that he used it seemed contain the power of two. He had a long jagged scar running along his face, his lips hung pale from his decaying yellow and black teeth. While looking into the sky he made a vicious, sardonic laugh that turned into a spluttering cough making thick blackish red blood come spitting out from his mouth. As he turned and I saw the left side of his face it was covered by a dark shadow making him look depraved. At first I thought that him came to my aid but I soon figured that wasn?t the case. Slowly my eyelids began to close and a huge tiredness came before. I knew that I was passing away. I looked up into the dark sky and saw that one star slowly fading away from the galaxy. A horrible sensation of sempiternal, and of everlasting falling came over me, and my whole life flashed before me. Seeing myself as a child to the extraordinary moments with my wife.

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