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Selected World War II Broadcasts Essay, Research Paper

[Pound broadcast at least 120 original editorial and manifestos over Radio Rome in

Italy from 1941 to 1943. We are reprinting two of these broadcasts to encourage discussion

of them and to point readers toward the entire book. The full text of 120 broadcasts is

available in "Ezra Pound Speaking": Radio Speeches of

World War II. Ed. Leonard W. Doob. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1978.]

March 15, 1942

The enemy is Das Leihkapital. Your Enemy is Das Leihkapital, intemational, wandering

Loan Capital. Your enemy is not Germany, your enemy is money on loan. And it would be

better for you to be infected with typhus, and dysentery, and Bright’s disease, than to be

infected with this blindness which prevents you from understanding HOW you are undermined,

how you are ruined.

The big Jew is so bound up with this Leihkapital that no one is able to unscramble that

omelet. It would be better for you to retire to Darbyshire and defy New Jerusalem, better

for you to retire to Gloucester and find one spot that is England than to go on fighting

for Jewry and ignoring the process.

It is an outrage that any clean lad from the country – I suppose there are STILL a few

ENGLISH lads from the country – it is an outrage that any nice young man from the suburbs

should be expected to die for Victor Sassoon, it is an outrage that any drunken footman’s

byblow should be asked to die for Sassoon.

As to your Empire, it was not all of it won by clean fighting. But however you got it,

you did for a time more or less justify keeping it, on the ground that you exported good

government or better government than the natives would have had without England.

You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your empire, and you yourselves out-jewed the

Jew. Your allies in your victimized holdings are the bunyah, you stand for NOTHING but


And above metal usury; you have built up bank usury, 60% against 30 and 40%, and by

that you WILL NOT be saved. Corrupting the whole earth, you have lost yourselves to


And the big Jew has rotted EVERY nation he has wormed into. A millstone. Well, an

exceptionally good swimmer MIGHT conceivably be cast into the sea with a stone tied round

his neck. He might perhaps untie it. If he were a Scotchman, he would remember his

jackknife, before being thrown overboard.

You seem to remember NOTHING. It were better you were infected with typhus. As to

federal union, or JEW/nion. There is NO question of race in Streit’s proposition. It is as

proposed a union of slaves, under jewry. Offered by liars and abettors of thieves.

You have stolen land from your late Allies, and land slips from your control. The ONLY

conquests of Britain and Rosenfeld are conquests FROM their alleged allies.

All right, say that Franklin Delany swipes ALL South America – to what end? And ruin

the United States of America while he is doing it. What’s that to you? It is not England’s

salvation. Will you ever LOOK at the story of empire? You are NOT even in the mercantile

system, you are in a fake mercantile system, not even mercantile. It was for a time called

mercantile or the mercantilist system and defined as considering the happiness of a nation

to consist in the amount of MONEY it owned, and its process to consist in STEALING,

welching, pouching the greatest possible amount of same (i.e., of money) from other


That defines the USURY system, the ONLY system Anglo Saxons have known or used in our


And it will not save you. NOR will Judaized Russia. Nor will the Kahal, the Jew’s

central committee of bleeders. WHAT is their system? Unvarying, cheap goods, sweated out

of cheap labor, dung dust hurled on the world, the WORLD conceived as sweat shop, to hell

with the 8-hour day, down with abundance. DUMPING sweated goods, dumped against any and

every nation that pays a just price for labor. That is your ALLY.

And in your past a trail of blood and of infamy. You bought Hessians to kill your own

blood in America. You bought ‘em from a stinking feudal overlord, who was in the hands of

the ROTHSCHILD; that is HISTORY. You stirred up the American savages against your own kin

IN America. But now Eden and Cripps have called in the Muscovite, to bum and destroy all

Eastern Europe, and kill Finland, for the sake of the stinking Jews nickel mines.

Your infamy is bound up with Judaea. You can not touch a sore or a shame in your empire

but you find a Mond, a Sassoon, or a Goldsmid. YOU HAVE NO RACE left in your government.

God knows if it can be found still scattered in England.

IT must be found scattered in England. The white remnants of England, the white remnant

of the races of England must be FOUND and find means to cohere; otherwise, you might as

well lie down in your grave yards.

You have for years had cheap goods DUMPED in from Russia. Your alliance with Moscow

will bring no relief to that wound. Your Jews have ruined your home manufactures. Loans

from the city of London, loans to the Orient, interest paid in cheap cotton goods, loans

to the South American countries, interest paid in beef from the Argentine, and ruin of

English grazing. The laws of durable government have been known from the days of King Wen.

When empires go to ROT, they go to rot for known reasons.

The Times, Telegraph, Manchester Guardian, are there to conceal these reasons. Your

press is an infamy, has been throughout our time.

The laws of durable government have been known from the days of King Wen, and

when the Roman Empire perished it perished from the same follies that your kikes, your

Rothschilds, Beits, Sieffs, Schiffs, and Goldsmids have squirted into your veins.

Cheap grain dumped from Egypt, ruin of the Italian farming, usury, and more usury, THAT

is the answer.

For two centuries, ever since the brute Cromwell brought ‘em back into England, the

kikes have sucked out your vitals. A mild penetration, for a hundred years they

have bootlicked your nobility and now where is your nobility? You had at least the

semblance of control; you had, let us say, some influence with the Lords of Judaea as long

as they WANTED your titles, as long as Levy Levinstein Lawson WANTED to be addressed as

Lord Burnham. You could turn the worst edge of their avarice, or rather you could turn it

OFF, the upper or huppar clawses; and turn it ONTO the peer. As you did without mercy.

But when the same scroungers have moved over to New York City, how will you manage ‘em?

The same bloody minded extortioners, or their descendents. The same FINANCIAL

HOUSES. The same Rothschilds who plotted with Sherman, and Vandergould to KILL the

American nation, who betrayed the United States in the "sixties". Head office in

London, agents in the U.S. of America.

Now the address is altered. Main office in Wall Street and Cohen in London. You send

Willie over to spy on us. You send 5000 usurers’ pimps over to Washington and give special

passports, diplomatic, to inveigle the United States into your plans to get cannon fodder

from Idaho and from Iowa to weld your slaves cellar on Europe. And this time you get

dumped into the ash can.

You have even forgotten your Kipling. Pig Baldwin has forgotten his cousin; if his

obscene and treacherous mind ever grasped the meaning of Rudyard’s stories. Let me recall

one passage to the sow face:

"The Americans," wrote Rudyard, "obligingly slaughtered each other in

order that the Czechoslovaks might inherit Boston Common." Cras tibi, tomorrow

is your turn. Damn it all, you slaughtered the flower of England in the Boer War.

Then in 1914 in the first three months, the best of you went out and got slaughtered.

. . .been seen only too clearly. And your foul papers, the filth of your newsprint has

been subsidized to keep your minds off it.

A dirty bit of meat by the name of Gollancz has used your book trade to conceal it. You

have almost NO means of communication.

When a Brooks Adams writes five volumes that would help you to see it, six copies reach

England. You have LOST the health of the mind. God knows how the scattered handful of

Englishmen still in England can still speak one with another.

I see NO remedy in your parliament. I don’t mean as parliament. I mean in the

personnel. It is your problem. You do not NOW even elect your own parliament. Whether WITH

an election you could get anything save old dead meat, I do not know. During the last war

a few men had a glimmer of instinct. On whatever formula, they called it pacifism. Was it?

All of ‘em I ever met were pugnacious. Was it an instinct to save the butt end of the RACE

by not fighting? Is it a mistake to combat Germans by force?

Is there a RACE left in England? Has it ANY will left to survive? You can carry

slaughter to Ireland. Will that save you? I doubt it. Nothing can save you, save a purge.

Nothing can save you, save an affirmation that you are English.

Whore Belisha is NOT. Isaccs is not. No Sassoon is an Englishman, racially. No

Rothschild is English, no Strakosch is English, no Roosevelt is English, no Baruch,

Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Khan, Baruch, Schiff, Sieff, or Solomon was ever

yet bom Anglo-Saxon.

And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you have murdered

your empire, and it is this filth that elects your politicians.

You have lost your tradition. You have not even learned what Lord Byron told you. You

are, as even that foul rag the Times tells you, a little late in making a start.

In the year 1942 Anno Domini, there is only one start you can make. And that is a start

toward being England. A refusal to be a province of Israel, or an outpost of


Quando tutti saremo forti.April 27, 1943

I think quite simply and definitely that the American troops in N. Africa, all of

‘em ought to go back to America: IF they can get there.

America ought not to be makin’ war on Europe, and America knows it. I think it is time

the American U.S. citizen studied Mr. Morgenthau’s treasury reports, whether or not he is

out in front proclaiming the coming of Zion or not. I think it is time you opened

Kipling’s memoirs "Something about myself." I think it is time more American

Masons developed a curiosity about the possible relations of their order to Jewry as such,

and to at least a sect or portion or selection of ORGANIZED Jews as a possible enemy of

mankind, and of the American people, the British people in particular.

I think it might be a good thing to hang Roosevelt and a few hundred yidds IF you can

do it by due legal process, NOT otherwise. Law must be preserved. I know this may sound

tame, but so is it. It is sometimes hard to think so. Hard to think that the 35 ex-army

subalterns or whatever who wanted to bump off all the kike congressmen weren’t just a bit

crude and simpliste. Sometimes one feels that it would be better to get the job

done somehow, ANY how, than to delay execution.

A chair has been founded in the Sorbonne to study modern Jewish history, i.e., the role

of the kike in modern history. It would be well to have similar chairs in ALL American

universities, though Harvard and the College of the City of N. York might find it hard to

get the necessary endowments. I don’t think there is any American law that permits you to

shoot Nic. Butler. It is a pity but so is it. No ex post facto laws are to be

dreamt of. Not that Frankfurter or any other damn Jews care a hoot for law or for the

American Constitution. But we are not here to uphold Frankfurter or the Jewish vendetta.

In the midst of which YOU jolly well are. And every American boy that gets drowned owes it

to Roosevelt and Baruch, and to Roosevelt’s VIOLATION of the duties of office.

It is on the ground of those violations, those that occurred before Pearl Harbor, that

you should impeach him. It is time that the matter was studied.

It is time that the practical means for doing the job were made subject of study. It

will be difficult insofar as your press and radio are mostly in Chewisch hands. It will be

difficult to coordinate effort in our so all-fired anarchic country. Instinctively

anarchic BUT controlled, by an organization. An organization well worth your study. Be you

Mason or Non-Mason. You will have to form cells, nuclei, and communicate. You will have to

maintain some freedom of the press and get radio stations somehow. Congress should go on

the air. Failing that, state senates and legislatures should go on the air. And state

universities in states not wholly run by their ghettoes should start a study of history of

the Jew’s role in history, of the role of usury, and currency control BY extraneous

private bodies, all that should be made subject of study. You’ve got to start sometime.

You have got to learn a little, at least a little about the history of your allies.

About Jew-ruin’d England. About the wreckage of France, wrecked under yidd control. Lousy

with kikes. Blum, Zay, and the rest of ‘em pushed France into war, when it was dead

certain France would get beaten. Preparing ANOTHER. Oh, yes. ANOTHER ten or twenty years

war between the U.S. and Slavic Russia to start just as soon as this one shows signs of

relaxin’. Don’t think the kike WANTS to stop wars as long as nonkikes will go on killin’

and drowning each other, in order to provide dividends for loan capital. And SOME capital.

A part of loan capital is, mebbe you have heard this before, some part of loan capital IS

really in chewish hands. Mebbe you haven’t yet heard that. And some of the American

dollars that went for gold, went OUT of America to buy gold, well some of that went out to

KIKERY. And Heinrick ben Sloman, ben Soloman, ben Isaac, ben Morgenthau, son of his

father, was the sheeny that sent it right out.

And you go on taking it, you go on being diddled, and listening to the Jerusalem

synagogue radios from London and Jew York City. Gawd ellup you. Bags of money, offered

thru fear or guilt, have been uniformly refused by the mobs, wrote Mr. Jefferson to John

Jay from Paris, July 19th, 1789. Paris was lively. On September 6 Jefferson was blissfully

dreaming an ideal republic as follows:

But with respect to future debts would it not be wise and just for the nation to

declare in the Constitution that they are forming, that neither the legislature nor the

nation itself can validly contract more debt than they may pay within their own age,

or within the term of 34 years?

Think it over. That was T.J. writing to Madison, from Paris, 6 September 1789. It is

the famous letter containing the words: "the earth belongs in usufruct to the

living." That theme he later repeated, in the form "the earth belongs to the

living." And the "within their own age" was reduced to 19 years.

First, he thought of the "own age" as the period into which the average

inhabitant of a nation would survive. Then he figured that children and those under age

wouldn’t have any say in contracting the debt. So they ought not to bound. That is, sold

into slavery for its payment. These are fine points of the ethics. They won’t appeal to

Mr. Constantine Brown. They will have no effect upon those of you who are given over to

the comforting (comforting if it comforts you) theory that devastation just doesn’t matter

and to whom.

Shakespeare and Bach are a bore. Architecture is dangerous. Sculpture is taboo. Mr.

Brown wants a bright new world; and debt is after all only the prelude to slavery. One can

conceive a regime in which there is NO economic liberty. I mean absolutely NO economic

liberty for anyone. Not by accident, but by program. It is much easier, in fact, to

conceive a slave state than a free state. A state wherein all men are slaves, and no man

has any right whatsoever to life, liberty, and where even the pursuit – marvelous phrase

that "pursuit" of happiness – would be illegal, or at least regarded as a grave


A really severe Puritan like Eden or Morgenthau would probably tell you that the

pursuit of happiness is on a level with chippy-chasing. I know you don’t THINK you are

ripe for a real revolution. You don’t think YOU are ripe for the end of the capitalist

system altogether. You would rather such revolutions occurred in the Punjab or in

Bessarabia. But one thing leads to another.

And yet, Civilization was not yours to destroy.

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