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Untitled Essay, Research Paper

Hmmmm? I haven?t seen that many plays, but I did see this one, so here comes the review. Produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats is not his most famous production. Webber also did the Phantom of the Opera. I?ve never seen ?Phantom?, but I would imagine it is better than Cats. That?s not to say Cats was particularly bad, just cheesy. As far as my opinion is concerned, the plays only saving grace was the fact I was with Kim, my girlfriend, and in a good mood.As I entered the Fox, which I?d never attended before, I saw an immense structure full of intricate carvings, and beautiful people. After I took a quick trip to the little boy?s room, we rushed down the aisle to our seats. The lights dimmed and the aisles filled with the actors in full uniform, complete with glowing eyes. They retreated back up the rows and took to the stage. They broke into song, and the show began. An explanation of who the cats were was the first thing to be told. Apparently, they are a select group of feline. Each year the ?head cat?, Deuteronomy, picks one cat to got to, somewhere, and come back. Oh yeah the cats are referred to as ?the Jellicle cats.? Along the way of introducing various ?cats? a really scrubby cat comes along. Now this poor cat gets all scratched and stuff by the ?coo? ?Jellicle?s.? After this cat is shown, unfortunately, ?Macavity?, an evil cat, kidnaps Deuteronomy. While the entire cast is all in an uproar, Mr. Mustofolees, the magical cat, come and makes Deuteronomy reappear out of nowhere. In the end, of course, Deuteronomy picks the scrubby kitty to go up to ?heaven?, and be ?reborn.?I must admit that I didn?t quite get the story line. But if you?d like to be sure of the story it?s based on a book by T.S. Elliot. The book is called Mr. Possum?s blah blah blah. So please do me a favor. Go and find someone you really care about, spend a bunch of money on Cats tickets, and go have a good time. C?mon I guarantee you?ll really enjoy yourself.

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