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Flirting Essay, Research Paper


The New Flirting Game

When it comes to flirting today, women are not waiting around for men to make the first move, as they would have. Monica Moore has spent more than 200 hours observing the way women flirt. Her findings are they give non-verbal cues that get a flirtation rolling fully two-thirds of the time. A man may think that he is making the first move because he is the one to literally go over and talk to the girl, but usually it is a look or an action the sets him off. By standard, the women who attract the most men are the ones with the best figure. That is not true the women who get the most response are the ones who send the most signals. Example a women who does 30 displays an hour will get more response from a person who does four displays an hour.

Some of the non-verbal behaviors are glancing, glazing, smiling, nodding, lip licking, and pouting. When a women sees a target she looks at the person then glances at the person many tomes after. This is shy and indirect but it is a cue.

If a man fails to notice the woman will walk by several times hips swaying, breasts pushed out, and head up high.

Eyebrow flashing, the raising of eyebrows of both eyes, followed by a rapid lowering. The coy smile, tilting the head downward, with partial averting of the eyes and, at the end covering her mouth. Exposed neck, turning the head so that the head is faced away and the side of the neck is bared. These are all examples of nonverbal behavior that women do to attract men.

It is also researched that a gay male will act as a girl sending out the same signals as a girl would. Also a gay girl will be passive and wait for the signals.

This article relates to class because it shows how instinctively women naturally makes a pass at a man. In class we learned on how a girl or guy naturally act when put in a situation that they feel uncomfortable about.

This was a very interesting article for the fact that the topic

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