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Characterization Of Oedipu SREx Essay, Research Paper

Characterization of Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex was written by Sophocles (496-406 BC), a Greek playwright. It is the first play in a trilogy about a tragic hero, King Oedipus. Oedipus is a complex character with many different characteristics. A few of the most dominant ones are that he was a good ruler, stubborn, and very honest.

One of Oedipus’ character traits is that he was a good ruler. When his people were in despair, he did not send a messenger to find out what was troubling them, he went himself. He also doesn’t hide anything from his people. When Creon entered with bad news regarding the murder of King Laius, he advised Oedipus to hear the news in a private place. Oedipus refused because he felt that he was king for the benefit of his people, not for himself.

The fact that Oedipus wanted his subjects to hear the news from Creon shows that he was also very honest. He felt that he shouldn’t hide anything from his subjects. He told them about the crime and then sought their help in solving it. In addition, when Oedipus began to find out the truth about his past, he was not afraid to hear the truth. Although he was ashamed, he still felt the truth should be known.

Finally, Oedipus was a stubborn man. When he came to a decision, he would not compromise. He did not take Creon’s advice to speak to him in private. In addition, he did not stop asking questions about his past, even when Jocasta pleaded with him to not ask anymore questions. He refused to change his ways or beliefs.

Oedipus was a complex character. He had many character traits that added to his personality. He was a good ruler, he was honest, and he was stubborn. Oedipus was the classic tragic hero of Greek times because of the misfortunes he suffered.


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