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Outlind Speech For Piggy: Lord Of The Flies Essay, Research Paper

Outline for speech on Piggy


My area of focus for LOF is Piggy

I will give

-Description (physical and identify personality traits)

-How he related to others

-How he represents

-The symbols

-His purpose

-Results from death

Start with visual.

Describe Piggy?s physical appearance.

*His name is self-describing

*Golding plainly describes his as ?Fat boy?.


*Very thick Spectacles



*An orphan, Sissy, Aunty told me not to do this/that.

*He is an intellect, a source of reason.

*He also has knowledge with science. (Sundials)

*He doesn?t (can?t) do anything for himself.

*Gathering fruit

*Blowing into the conch shell.

*Building huts, etc.

He yearns for acceptance.

Relations to other?s

? The boy?s ridicule him for his fatness, asthma, and physical skill.

? The boys, especially Jack are intimidated by his intellect.

? Didn?t respect him, specs.


? Order and Reason, man laws.

Conch Shell, how he felt about it.

I think the biggest battle Piggy faces is?????..which relates to the whole theme of the story.

(Drawing on the board)

Piggy vs. Island

(Civilized world) (Freedom, no control)

(World of controlled activity) (Adventure)

I mentioned this having to do with the theme.

*Talk about the theme (You know it! Your fine)

Symbol/s of Piggy


1) Spectacles~

*Only contribution to survival on the Island.

*Last link to modernism.

*Gets him killed, going to the Mt. With Ralph

2) Conch Shell~

*Represents law and order, like Piggy.

*When Piggy dies so did the conch.

(This means when Piggy is destroyed, so is Law and order.)

Purpose, reason for existence.

*In the begging for humor.

*To show what happens true human nature over-takes their controlled stature.

*With Piggy always arguing Law and Order.


*When Roger rolls that bolder, all order and source of reason is gone.

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