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Compare And Contrast The Thrill Of The Grass And The Balek Scales Essay, Research Paper

Jan. 29 1999

Pettit 3rd period

The two stories I am comparing and contrasting are, “The Thrill of the Grass” and “The Balek Scales.” The reason I chose these two stories is because out of all the stories that we have read this year these two were my favorites. In this paper I am going to be contrasting more than comparing because these stories have little in common.

I am going to start off with the plot of these two stories. The plot of “The Thrill of The Grass,” is an interesting and different one from many other stories. In this story the Major League Baseball Association is on strike, and some big time fans decide to switch the Astroturf grass to real grass. All of this is lead by the character that got them in to the stadium by using his locksmith skills to brake them into the stadium. The plot of the “Balek Scales” plot is a more serious one. In these story people make their living gathering goods and selling them to the Baleks. The Baleks use scales to determine how much they buy the goods. They set the scales to make it seem like the goods weigh less. That work for a while until the main character deserved the scales where wrong. In both of these stories the characters were angry but for different reasons. In these stories there were a big time difference. In both of these stories the main character which where both males led people against the association in which they were angry with. The charter in “The Thrill of The Grass” had his main form of entertainment taking away from him. Where as the character in the “Balek Scales” had some of his main form of living or income cheated out of him. So I think the character in the “Balek Scales” had much more reason to be mad than the other character.

In my opinion these were both very good stories, but I think the character in “The Thrill of The Grass” actions were a little extreme. I feel the character in the “Balek Scales” should have been a little more extreme.

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