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Three Emperors?S League Essay, Research Paper

1. Three Emperors?s League: In 1873 this league linked the monarchs of Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia in an alliance against racial movements.

2. Russian-German Reassurance Treaty: When the young impetuous German emperor William 2 dismissed Bismarck in part because of the chancellor?s friendly policy towards Russia since the 1870?s. He then adamantly refused to sign the Russian-German Reassurance Treaty, in spite of Russian willingness to do so. This fateful departure in foreign affairs prompted long-isolated republican France to court absolutist Russia, offering loans, arms, and friendships.

3. William 2: a young impetuous German emperor who refused to sign the Russian-German Reassurance Treaty, in spite of Russian willingness to do so. He rejected his father?s ways and wanted to keep his country to himself. He was war hungry and he wanted to build up Germany. He dismissed Bismarck, in part because of the chancellor?s friendly policy towards Russia since the 1870?s.

4. Triple Alliance: This alliance is made of Germany, Austria- Hungary, and Italy. It was formed in 1882 motivated by tensions in France

5. Splendid Isolation: when a country was happy just being alone and not being in any alliances.

6. Anglo-French Entente 1904: settled all outstanding colonial disputes between Britain and France.

7. Anglo- Russian Agreement: In 1907 Russia, battered by its disastrous war with Japan and the revolution of 1905. Agreed to settle its quarrels with Great Britain in Persia and central Asia with a special Anglo- Russian Agreement. As a result of the agreement, Germany?s blustering paranoia increased, as did Britain?s thinly disguised hostility.

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