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Як і агульнаўжывальныя словы, тэрміны падзяляюцца на ўласнамоўныя і іншамоўныя. Уласнамоўныя тэрміны ў сваю чаргу падзяляюцца на словы, якія пераўтвар...полностью>>
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Последние десятилетия XX века отмечены возрастающим интересом лингвистов к функциональной стороне языка, с чем связано активное развитие теории коммун...полностью>>
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Категория залога принадлежит к числу самых важных и наиболее сложных грамматических категорий индоевропейских языков. Она является основным сред­ством...полностью>>

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1. Society and the future

Our life become faster, a lot of new things appear, our mind develops and it cannot stop. Nowadays we live surrounded by machines and others inventions. More and more new things appear day by day. And we don’t thing about how they were created. The only thing we know is that we will never return to the life people lead to the reason for that is that a lot of centuries ago there is a way back.

Some people think that the world will change a lot. The cities will become bigger. They will be more beautiful. Sanghai will become one of the world’s leading business centres. Religion will not play a significant role in our life. The Catholic Church will elect a black Pope. We will have electric cars, household robots and cheap travel offers.

Pupils will not go to school. They will have computers at home and the computers will help them to learn everything.

At weekends people will go to the moon and other planets. They will have a good time there. People won’t read many books. They will mostly watch television and get news from Internet. And in conclusion I want to say that the technical progress won’t stop and the future machines will substitute everything.

2. Money

Money plays a great role in our modern life.

They are a means of storing and saving.

More and more people are saving money not at home, but opening an account in the bank. And now a few words about the history of money. In the 19th century money was represented as golden and silver coins, but later notes appeared.

Nowadays coins as well as notes exist.

It isn’t necessary to carry one’s money in one’s pocket. It’s enough to have a plastic card.

Almost each country has it’s own monetary unit. For example in Russia we have a ruble, in the UK they have a pound and in the USA – $.

The new universal monetary unit appeared in the most European countries – that is euro. Unfortunately, with the technical development it became possible to forge money. That’s why now money has several layers of money defence.

So money, whatever they are: coins, notes or plastic cards, gives us some privileges in the society and provide us with the means for life.

3. Mass Media

Now the new era has come the era of information technologies. Nowadays in the world many kinds of mass media. They are: TV, Internet, newspapers, radio …

In my opinion the most reliable kind of mass media is the Internet. It gives us objective information.

To my mind most of the people don’t listen to the radio because nowadays there are many other kinds of mass media among them for example is the TV. TV is very important thing in our life. TV helps us to know more about the world about the events that happened in the world. I have about 12 Russian TV channels, they are: NTV, ORT, RTR and others. I like some of them and hate others. So, my favorite channel is MuzTV. MuzTV is a musical channel. I also like STS, this channel has very interesting films.

I hate advertisements because she break very interesting films or chat shows. In most cases the companies who promote their products tend to give large sums of money to the channels which then show the advertisements of these companies. This funds give the channels the opportunities to show qualitative and educational programs.

I hate soap operas because they are very much alike besides they mis present the up to date reality. Every TV channel wants to be first with the news.

Most often people watch TV not for getting new information but in order get relaxed and calmed.

As for me I myself often watch TV for relaxation. Different movies and talk-shows help me to forget my daily problems.

4. Problems and solution

In our life we always face difficult and problems. Each age has it’s special problems. In childhood we want to be independent from our parents. In our youth we face the problem of choosing the future career.

When we are adults the main problem for us is our health.

Our life always provides us with new and new problems and we are to find it’s solutions.

In order to solve this or that problem we need to make a compromise.

My grand father has always wanted me to become a physicist, while I wanted to be a programmer. Finally we came to a compromise.

There are a great many problems whose solutions are not very important for example the choice of clothes and there are also such problems as the choice of friends and future career, which are very important.

All in all our problems whether important or not, whether actual or not, need the solution and this depend on us. And for their solution we need to be maximum concentrated on them.

5. How I spend time

The great deal of my time I spend at the university. My studies are really quite stressful. In university is we spend a lot of time on project work. Every day I do lots of housework and it’s not that simple. I go out with my friends from university quite a lot. I stay home in the evening.

Of course university is an essential component of my life but I find free time sometimes.

After the studies I listen to the music, I absolutely love music and listen to it all the time. I think you can listen to the music while doing any other job. Also, when I have free time I don’t mind computer on and playing computer games. In the Internet I can surf lots of time. Also I like to contact in the chat. Another thing that interest me is reading books and newspapers.

I like spending time with the family. In the evenings, when all the members of our family get together after work and study we like to watch TV.

We have a small house with a garden there is much work there and at weekends we go there and work and have rest all together.

Every Saturday my friends and I gather together. When the weather is fine we sometimes go for a walk but usually we go to the bar – the bars here in Kimry are always busy and the people are really friendly. On Saturday we also go dancing. The summer I and my friends go once a week to play tennis at least. In the morning we often go to the beach swimming.

Also in summer I travel to Sochi it is a very beautiful city. I hope to travel more in the future.

6. Jobs and careers

Millions of people all over the world have profession. Professions are very different. Just think how boring it would be if everyone were the same doctor, teacher, engineer, lawyer all we need is skilled specialist.

Different jobs are suitable for men and women. There are male as well as female jobs. There are a number of jobs that women are naturally better suited to than men. For example instance house wife and nursery school teacher and the like.

Some people think working in a bank is boring. It’s all about dealing with people and that’s always a challenge. There’s a lot of job satisfaction just being with the children and watching them develop and seeing things the way they see them. Some people think it’s an easy job, because the holidays are quite long and everything, but it’s harder work than you imagine mind you.

Now I have already decided what to do, I’d like to be a systems manager. I know that it’s very difficult. I should know perfectly everything about the computers and network. I must be well-educated and well-informed.

I also want to say that the profession should be chosen according to the character and hobbies of the person. And of course if you’re a professional in your sphere you shouldn’t worry, you will easily get the right job.

7. Things of importance

In our life there are many different things of importance. Things created by the scientific progress that we use in our every day life. I mean refrigerators, TV set, computers, microwave ovens, radio telephones and other. That made our life easy, comfortable and pleasant. There are many things of important around me but there’s one thing which is the most important in my life and my future career that is a computer. I can’t deal without my computer because it helps me to do my best in my studies.

Of course computer is an essential component of my life but in my life there are many other kinds of modern machine which influence on my life. First of all, it is a TV, because I get a great deal information from it, secondly it is DVD player, because I’m fond of music and finally it is home facilities.

I like traveling and most usually I take a CD player with me. I’m an up-to-date person and I need all the things I have.

For me one of the most valuable things is my mobile phone. It’s valuable for me, because I have many friends and acquaintances with whom a always in contact. A friend of mine has given to me on my birthday. It’s fashionable up-to-date thing with a digital camera, designed by Samsung.

8. Entertainment

A hundreds years ago there was no problem of what working people could do with their spare time.

Nowadays it’s even hard to name all the activities, entertainment of people in their free time. Entertainments differ like tastes and your life becomes more interesting. A growing number of people prefer watching films and listening to the music. Other popular occupation are listening to the radio, reading books and newspapers. Many people prefer to go in for different kinds of sports and lead an active way of life. But majority of people prefer watching sport on TV, for example football.

More serious people prefer to visit museums, art galleries or theaters. Every weekend great number of people gather at disco parties to dance and relax there. Music is the thing that unites them.

I always try to do my best to make my holidays really exciting, because we have only few days in a week for relaxation and rest. During the weekend we have an opportunity of enjoying the life and having rest. Every weekend we go dancing. Sometimes we go to the bar or cinema. Also I like listening to the music and playing computer games and surf lots of time in the Internet. I think entertainment necessary, because it’s help relaxation all the people.

9. People around me

People are very different we have advantage and disadvantage.

First of all I would like to speak about my family. We are very different. My father is 45. He is a man of strong character but we all love him very much. My mother is 42. She is an optimist in every thing she sees good side almost. I admire her. My brother is a pupil. He is very lazy but I think he can change. My grandmother does not work now, she is a pensioner, but she has a lot of work to do about the house. My grandfather is a pensioner too. He well-read person, he has experience in many fields.

Also I want to say about my friends. So my best friend is Lena. We were at school together. She ever so good-hearted. I think she means very well and she is always very interested in how I’m getting on at home always terribly interested in my family and everything. My neighbor is always complain about something or other and she just goes on and on about her problems. I have to say she really gets on my nerves sometimes. And of course, all my friends in university they very much people without exception.

10. Visiting different cultures

Every country and every nation has it’s own traditions and customs. It’s very important to know traditions and customs of different people. It will help you to know more about the history and life of different nations and countries.

For example one cannot speak about England without speaking about it’s traditions and customs. Englishman are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. They are the nation of stay at homes. They prefer a small house built for one family, with a small garden. They like to follow the traditions concerning food and meals.

Thailand is famous for it’s hospitality and the average visitor will have no difficulty in adapting to local customs. Traditional cooking for such dishes as rice, fish and many different fruits. National religion is Buddhism.

Also I’d like to say a few words about the traditions of my country. First about Russian people. To my mind the main trait of character which differ them from other people is hospitality. The Russians are talented nation Russia gave the world many well-know names of Pushkin, Chaikovsky, thousands of names of world famous poets, writers, composers, scientists. We celebrate the forgotten holidays for example Maslenitca. Traditional Russian cooking is world famous for such dishes as shi, pelmeni, bliny.

11. Countries and city

In the world many different countries, but I want to say about my country and country which I want to visit.

The country which I want to visit is the USA it’s one of the largest country in the world. The capital of the country is Washington, but City which I want to visit is New York because it is one of the largest investment markets in the world especially in Wall Street. New York is the port in America. This is also noisy, cosmopolitan, polluted city but I think there are many places of interest New York. They are: Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building – it is the most famous building in New York.

Manhattan – it is the centre of American finance, advertising and much more. There are two more world famous streets – Broadway and Fifth Avenue. Broadway is the centre of the theatres and night life. Fifth Avenue is the great shopping hotel and clubs. New York is the city that never goes to sleep and I hope visit it someday. Among the most cites of interest are the San Francisco, Los Angeles and other.

And in conclusion I want to say about my country. Moscow the capital of Russia. It one of the most beautiful city in the world. The heart of Moscow is Red Square. Kremyl the official resident of the Russia President. The world famous art gallery the Tretyakov. Moscow is famous theaters. The best-know of them is the Bolshoj. Russia is a big country and have many beautiful cites for example Sankt-Peterburg.

12. Life story

In the 1960s the Beatles was popular all over the world. The Beatles gave characteristic musical flavor and had profound influence in the popular music.

Participants of the Beatles: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were all born in Liverpool and started the group there in 1959. Lennon and McCartney had played together in a group called “The Quarrymen” with Harrison their own group “The Silver Beatles” in 1959 and Starr joined them in 1962. They first played at a night club called the “Cavern” and then traveled around the world.

Their early music was influenced by the American rock singers. But they infused an accustomed musical form with freshness, vitality and wit.

The release of “I want to Hold your hand” in 1964 marked the beginning of the phenomenon known as “Beatle mania” in the USA. Their records sold in millions.

Experimenting with new musical forms the produced an extraordinary variety of songs. The group disbanded in 1970 after the release of their final album “Let it Be”. Each to pursue individual careers.

Paul McCartney is now the richest musician in the world. Many tourists visit Liverpool to see the homes of the Beatles.

13. Freedom of choice

Perhaps no issue is discussed more often than the right and freedoms of the individual – how far should the state decide what is best for us and how far should we have the right to control our own lives? Even in countries where social and political values are very similar, the laws about some of the world’s most controversial issues can be very different.

Freedom of choice is one of the achievements of the democratic society.

In democratic countries the law is beyond criticism. For example in the Netherlands the law allows doctors to help terminally ill patients to die if the patient states repeatedly that this is their wish and in the Netherlands, people are allowed to carry small amounts of soft drugs such as cannabis for their own personal use.

In principle young people are free to choose any education they want. A person is free to choose whom to be friends with, but one has no right to impose his opinion on other.

In two words democracy means you can do practically everything you like unless it interferes with the interests of other people.

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