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Connection To Markism And Animal Farm Essay, Research Paper

I think that the farm is not located any where. But obviously the farm is a symbol of Russia. The location of it I think would be anywhere. I don?t see why there would be a need to say where the farm is. The farm is to kind of cover up what Orwell really is trying to say. I can?t figure out yet though if Orwell is agreeing with Markism or if that?s what he is satirizing. He hasn?t said anything bad about animalism yet so I can?t yet figure out if Orwell is for or against. But later in the story I think it will be a lot closer. During World War Two I am interested to see who will represent the alias and the axis powers. I think they would be other farm animals, but I don?t know. I also want to see the events that follow that. The Cold war and so on, but I don?t know where the book leaves off. So I think at the end it will show that Orwell is not for Animalism but we will find out. Orwell did a great job with this book I think, it most of been hard to show all the people of Russia in the form of Animal?s. I?m also interested to see what they do with Mr. Jones. If they kill him or if they just get rid of him some how. That I think will be a good part of the book.

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