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I Peek Outside Essay, Research Paper

I Peek Outside?

I slam the door as I return home from a rough day at school. I go up to my room and begin what feels like an everlasting project. I lay down on my bed and turn on some music. Then I get to work.

I peek outside my window and notice the repetition of speeding cars driving by. Loud engines roaring throughout the neighborhood. Reckless teenagers roaming up and down my street. Sound blasts from their audio systems, and the bass pounds at my ear drums. Flaming fire stripes painted on the sides of their automobile. Enlarged mufflers roar as they pass by, with cocky teenagers showing off their pride and joy.

Nearby a flock of birds move into a towering tree. Nurturing their young all day, bringing them food and providing them with shelter. The tree sways from side to side as the wind whispers by. The mother bird ducks her head and hovers over her children till the chilly breeze has passed through. The damaged nest is instantly repaired with the aid of a neighboring bird. When done, the fatigued mother mounts the children with her wings, and rests on the soft nest.

I watch restlessly as clouds slowly move along in the endless sky. I imagine each cloud as action figures I had as a kid. He-Men, and G.I. Joes fill the neverending blue sky. Clouds begin to move along swiftly and the wind begins to pick up once again. Planes with blinking red lights progress along and slowly I see them descent onto the earth.

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