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Your Parents Raise You To Live Their Lives Essay, Research Paper

Your Parents Raise You To Live Their Lives

Well, I don’t think that, that is true but there are always exceptions. For the most part I just think that one’s parents raise them according to the mistakes which they have made through out the course of their life. The only answer for my reasoning is that through out my life I have made graver mistakes more often than most. I tried to help my brother and sister grow up accordingly, which proved not to work because I can’t live their lives for them, they will have to learn from their own mistakes, like me, yet not to the extent. My parents tried to the same for me, which was worthless, but they still tried, which I have to give them credit for. It must have been tough to keep up with me as they had. I think that life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. All I can say is that your life is your own you can do what you want with it and you’re the only one that can control it, with influence of course.

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