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For this piece of coursework on The Sexton’s Hero,

I’ll be acting as the sexton (John) and I’ll be writing a funeral speech at

Gilbert’s funeral, who was the sexton’s hero for saving John’s life.Welcome my Christian brothers and sisters, we are

joined here today to pay our regrettable respects of the tragic death of my

family hero Gilbert Dawson.?As you

people from Lindal know, that I’m not actually the right person to give a

speech on Gilbert right now, as I wasn’t actually very fond of Gilbert, due to

him fancying my wife, Letty.Unfortunately everyone underestimated Gilbert.? He was a young bright and well-educated man,

who was full of surprises.He saved Letty’s and my life, risking his own life,

resulting him to die, and I thought it would have been a great shame if I never

gave this speech, even though I know that some of you might even hate me for

doing so, as you thought he was coward.?

But Gilbert was everything apart from a coward.? It was a great shame that no one saw this.No one really understood Gilbert, they never knew

what he was experiencing.? He was a

victim and we all treated him like an outcaste, and we are the culprits.The dreadful night that I wish were only a dream was

the worst and saddest day of my life.?

On the way back from my sister’s wedding, Letty and I got trapped in

quick sand with the water level rising up to our hips.? Letty and I was so scared, we thought we

wouldn’t see our daughter again making her an orphan.? Letty and I started praying for some help, minutes later we saw a

big dark horse with Gilbert Dawson on it coming towards us.? Gilbert helped us to escape by giving us his

big strong horse.? Gilbert and I then

put Letty on the horse leaving one more space on the saddle.? Gilbert then said "quick! You must ride

before her, and keep her up.? The horse

can swim.? By god’s mercy I will

follow.? At any rate, you are a husband

and a father.? No one cares for

me."? It was the most dramatic

thing I had ever heard Gilbert say.? Two days later we found Gilbert’s body in the sea

and the knife I left him on the other side of the channel.? I simply feel devastated and ashamed of myself.

Gilbert is worthy of huge respect, from myself and

from all of you.? Gilbert was not afraid

of death, something that we are all afraid of.?

I don’t think anyone will ever forget him, I certainly know I won’t.He will always be my hero.May his soul rest in piece.Amen.

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