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Hockey Essay, Research Paper

Hockey is one of the most watched and now most played sports in the

world. It is also, one of the most expensive, when it comes to buying equipment.

Hockey players wear lots of equipment. This equipment is a shoulder pad, helmet, shin

guards, hockey pants, a cup, elbow pads, gloves, skates, and use a hockey stick to play

the game. The hockey stick is the most rebought piece of equipment you use. There are

even three different types of hockey sticks. These are wood, graphite, and aluminum.

Wood was the first ever stick used and now is probably the least stick

used. Wood is the cheapest stick you could probably find, when it comes to buying a

hockey stick. You won?t find anything cheaper then a new wooden stick, unless it?s on

sale. The wooden stick is the heaviest of all the hockey sticks. It is the only full solid

material stick, with nothing replaceable on it. Meaning the shaft and blade of the stick is

one whole piece. A wooden stick is the one stick that has the best chance of not breaking

on you. You could have the same stick for years. This is because of its weight and it

being that the stick is one whole piece.

The next type of stick is made out of graphite. This stick is no doubt the

most expensive and most used stick. It is the most expensive, because of the material it

is made of. A graphite stick is very light. This is because it has a hallowed out shaft and

thin fiberglass-wooden blade. There is a down point to this great stick. Beside its price, it

is not the most durable. It could be the most unbreakable stick, because of the material

the shaft is made of, but the blade of the stick is easy to break. The blade probably

breaks so easily, because it is detachable from the rest of the stick. A replaceable blade

cost about the same price as a full wooden stick.

The last type of stick is made of aluminum. This stick is in the cheap and

expensive category when looking to purchase an aluminum stick. It might be, because of

the material and it?s lightweight. The stick is made of thin aluminum and it is hallowed

out like the graphite stick. This is why aluminum sticks are the lightest stick you can

find. It?s thin aluminum shaft and replaceable wooden blade. Is the reason why it is the

most breakable stick you can buy. Because of it?s thin hallowing frame for easy

flexibility is the reason why this stick is a best buy to some.

To conclude this information, buy a stick for its capability and comfort.

Instead of it?s looks and price, or name brand. If you do you might end up with a stick

that is the right size for you. Nomatter if it is wooden, graphite, or aluminum.

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