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Salvation Army Makes A Difference Essay, Research Paper

Do you ever wonder where those unfortunate than others go for help? Do you ever feel the need to help them? Well, I felt like helping so I went to the Salvation Army. Why is it called Salvation Army? Salvation means to save souls and Army stands for God s army. I have had a lot of fun at the Salvation Army, with the children there. It was a great experience. I learned a lot about this organization.

When I first arrived to the Salvation Army, I was scared and nervous. I did not know what to expect. As I got to know the children there it became more fun. I had to assign a project for the kids to work on. Therefore, I decided to have them make colleges. They had some bright ideas and were very creative. This project brought out the artist in them. This also improved their craftsmanship. The second day at Salvation Army was even better. We enjoyed playing at the playground. I had a chance to act like a kid again. We had competitions on who could swing the highest. Some kids learned to swing by themselves for the first time. This made me feel very helpful. The third day, was the best day of all. We have to wash cars and have water fights. The only thing that was not fun was being soaked. After drying off we went to Dairy Queen. I helped by handing the ice cream to the children there. These three days at the Salvation Army were lots of fun and a great experience.

The Children look for role models. They looked up to me and this made me feel very special. Getting to know each and everyone is a wonderful experience. You get to meet new people, different personalities and hear new ideas. Seeing the smiles on the kid s faces is the best gift of all. Knowing that I have made a difference in a child s life is the even better. When they ask me to help them, I feel appreciated and helpful. From my experience, I believe that this organization is very helpful to the low-income families. I believe that this organization has helped kids become better human beings. They learn how to behave with their peers and others. Salvation Army helps improve many different skills. Such as, social skills, craftsmanship, communication skills, and listening skills. They also gain a lot of knowledge and self-reliance, from the activities. For example, Salvation Army has created programs like Girl Guards, Sunbeams, Adventures, Explorers, and Scouts. These programs teach kids about: safety, health, sports, the environment, science, technology, bible, family, etc. I believe that the Salvation Army does the things mentioned above and is known to decrease the poverty level in the local areas where it is located. This has been by far the best community service experience ever because I know that it is making a huge difference in our society.

Salvation Army started in 1865. It came to the U.S. in 1887. William Booth was the founder of the organization which was known as the Volunteer Army. The Salvation Army is in 107 different countries and 145 different languages are spoken. The purpose of Salvation Army is defined as an organization designed to operate as a religious and charitable organization with the following purposes: the spiritual, moral and physical reformation of the working classes; the reclamation of the vicious, criminal, desolate and degraded; visitation among the poor and lowly and the sick; the preaching of the Gospel and the dissemination of Christian truth by means of open air and indoor meetings. This organization decreases the amount of poverty. They support families financially and give them food. Salvation Army s purpose is to keep kids off the streets and to help them learn more about Jesus Christ. It also provides kids with the refuge. Salvation Army is not just an organization but a church also. The Salvation Army is funded by the local police departments and businesses. It also gets it s money from volunteers. For example, someone standing in front of Food 4 Less asking for donations would help provide for the low-income families. The Salvation Army is dedicated to caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, loving the unlovable and befriending those who have no friends. The people being helped receive adequate housing, nourishing meals, medical care and engage in work therapy. The Salvation Army has a mobile going around that helps people when they are injured. It s like an ambulance but except it s not only for emergencies. William Booth had been through a lot of struggle to start this organization and I am glad it s still around today.

In conclusion, Salvation Army is very helpful and has been in the United States for nearly 115 years. It has created a lot of different programs and organizations through Salvation Army. It has adult rehabilitation centers, teen pregnancy centers, and plenty more. Knowing that this organization helps everyone no matter what age you are or what color you are is a great feeling. I have had a great experience and enjoyed it very much. I plan on going back and spending more time with the kids.

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