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Bubonic Plague Essay, Research Paper


Many have been affected by the plague that has traveled from China – Europe. The plague was said to be carried by rats and fleas, say reasearchers. This plague is known in other places as The Black Death.

It seems that the Black Death is a combination of three differnet types of plagues: Bubonic, Pneumonic, and septicaemic, with Bubonic being the most popular.There are many symptoms of The Plague, The first symptom is a headache, followed by nausea, vomitting, aching joints, a widespread feeling of ill health, and a blackish swelling.

Death seems to be the case, two-three days after the appearance of the first symptom. Reasearchers also found that The Bubonic Plague is transmitted by the bite of any numerous insects that normally contributes off of rodents. Its best-known for the appearance of enlarged swelling on armpits, or on the neck.

Hundreds of Thousands of people, men, women, and children are dying in every country in Europe struck by the incurable plague.

Up to this point many have been wiped out in Europe, by the plague. Betwen 25 to 50% of the population of Europe is Dead.

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