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Woman Today Essay, Research Paper

As an example from today, President Clinton’s unpopularity can be examined using Machiavelli’s ideas of appearances and results. In terms of appearances, Clinton is seen as irresolute, and as a man with numerous character flaws. His oftentimes messy and disorganized decision-making process has been widely publicized, further eroding any appearance of strong decisive leadership. In terms of results, the ugly political process preceding the results has overshadowed positive results like a lower deficit and improved economy. Clinton is neither feared nor loved by his political opposition, making it difficult for him to produce results without great struggles. The one result remembered by many is that Clinton raised taxes, taking away their property. Thus, Clinton has had difficulty with both appearances and results. One might say that in addition to power, a prince in relations needs political skill with the public. For a politician weaving a good story of one’s accomplishments is more important than the accomplishments themselves.

Machiavelli’s idea of power and how it should be handles as he describes in The Prince can still be used to examine the present. While it’s possible to see only the negative uses of power, one can also see the potential for power to promote the common good. Machiavelli would argue that attending to the common good is in a prince’s best interests, since it gains the support of the people, something more valuable than any fortress or other expression of power.

Overall, Machiavelli s work has lasted through the years, and it has proven to be a classic piece of literature by standing the test of time.

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