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Peace On Manor Farm Essay, Research Paper

The animals lived in peace on the Manor Farm. The owner, Mr. Jones, took advantage of them but they did not know any better. Old Major was one pig that had a dream because he knew that they were getting taken advantage of. He tells the other animals of a life without Mr. Jones and how oppressive the humans are. The animals have this in their mind now but do not take any action really until one day when they are not fed.

The men that work for Jones do not feed the animals for over a day. Starving, the animals break into the storage shed where food is kept and begin to eat. Mr. Jones and his men try to beat the animals back with whips. The animals become angry at this mistreatment and turn on the men and drive them off the farm. The animals lock the gate to prevent the human’s return. They celebrate and gallop around the farm and they build a fire, which they throw the human’s tools and possessions into the fire. They then paint out Manor on the farm sign and change it to say Animal Farm. Then on the barn they paint the Seven Commandments of Animalism. Though the whole incident the pigs lead them. The pigs were the most intelligent of all animals.

From the beginning of the rebellion there are two pigs that stood out above the rest as leaders. Their names were Napoleon and Snowball. Snowball takes charge in running the farm. Every animal is equal and gets treated equally. Snowball introduces a plan to build a windmill. Napoleon disagrees with Snowball. During one of Snowball’s speeches “Napoleon stood up and, casting a peculiar side long look at Snowball, uttered a high-pitched whimper of a kind no one had ever heard him utter before.” (Orwell, page 57)

Then nine enormous dogs rush into the barn and dashed straight for Snowball. They chased Snowball away. Up until this point the pigs are good and are equal with all the other animals.

Napoleon takes control of the farm and things start to change. Napoleon wants absolute power and uses the dogs for his protection and other purposes. He says that Snowball is a traitor. He orders Snowball to be killed if found. Animals admit or accused of treason and are killed by the dogs. Animals questions the killing from remembering Old Major say, “No animal must ever kill any other animal. All animals are equal.”(Orwell, page 22). Squealer lies to the animals about dreaming about that and it never occurred and the animals. Over the years Napoleon and the pigs discovered the pleasures of human luxuries and change the rules to benefit them. Squealer always lied in his explanations to put to rest, the questions that the other animals had.

Over the years the animals work hard and they work harder but they never receive their benefits. The pigs, though, do not work at all and live in luxury inside the farmhouse. The farm animals rations are cut short and the pigs eat all they want and start to get fat. At the end the pigs start to walk on their hind legs The Seven Commandments had been changed to only one that read, “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.” (Orwell, page 123) The pigs installed a phone in the house and subscribed to magazines. One night there are humans at the house. The animals peer in at the pigs and humans conversing. They could not tell the humans apart from the pigs.

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