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Machines In The Future Essay, Research Paper

Whether we like it or not, machines will play an important part in the future. They already play such a large role in our life, it?s almost inevitable. Over the past 20 years, the use of computers has skyrocketed. Now there is almost one in every home. Children of this generation are being taught to use computers at a very young age. Computers are used in most every office, also. Jobs that used to be done by men can now be done by machines. Technology is growing each day. Jobs are being replaced by machines, and there is more need for people familiar with computers or technology. In a lot of cases as far as jobs etc go, it?s something you need to know or something that helps considerably. Technology is becoming more advanced. As the technology changes, so do our lives in a small way and it shall continue into the future.

Technology has changed our lives for both better and worse. It has made life so much easier. Now instead of baling the hay themselves, farmers can put the hay into a machine that makes bales. It is not only more efficient, but the outcome is much more desirable. Laborious jobs have been reduced or eliminated. Though it has made life easier, it also has promoted laziness. Instead of using our physical ability to accomplish a job, so many can now be done by machine. Rather than walking to the store to pick up margarine most would drive to the store. Little things that are so easily accomplished by hand can now be done mechanically. We?d rather have a machine do the job, than exert the extra energy. This laziness has caused a decrease in the over-all health of human kind. There are more cases of obesity. The medical world has advanced, finding cures to many diseases, yet there are more diseases each year. In some cases we don?t really know what we?re doing, which can be extremely dangerous. Good and bad have both resulted from technology.

I?ve been working on computers for about 10 years, and I love them! I look forward to the advancements in computers. I was too young to experience the beginning of computers, but I truly would have liked to see them grow. It will be interesting to see what the future has in store for us. It could very possibly be complete disaster. There is more work being done with artificial intelligence and there is always the worry that a type of thinking robot could be created which will wipe out humankind. The robots may start to think of us as inferior and take over. We could also be the destruction of ourselves. With technology, war is made so much easier. There would be more death and destruction than ever if World War III broke out. With one push of a button, the whole world could be annihilated! Now that?s scary stuff. The fate of the world is in someone?s hand. Technology is both enlightening and frightening at the same time. It?s hard to tell where exactly it will go, but it will most definitely be a part of our future.

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