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I remember back when I was in elementary school. There was this kid who lived in this big house. In this house there were many nooks and crannies. There were a lot of rooms also. Both of his parents were always to busy with work and the boy always stayed in his room because his parents didn t want to be disturbed by him. His room was special. Not only because he had so many toys and games but because of his secret room which neither of his parents knew about. The room was located behind a huge wall in the back left corner of his bedroom. The parents had never seen this room because his toy chest that the movers had put in that corner when they moved in concealed it. Behind this toy chest was a one and a half foot by one and a half foot swiveling door that was painted the exact same color as the surrounding wall. This door didn t have any handles on it to indicate that there had been a door in the wall. The boy could swivel the door and enter into his secret room. The room was 4 by 4 by 4 and carpeted on the floor. The walls in this room were all the same as the rest of his bedroom, bright white. In the right hand corner of this room was a little step that he could sit on. In this room the kid had nothing more than a flashlight, a pillow and a blanket. Every time that his parents would get annoyed with him because he was disrupting their working environment he would go downstairs to his room and then enter his special room. He would go to this room and think about why his parents didn t want to ever be around him. One day this boy took some markers and crayons into this room. He started to draw pictures on the wall of his parents and himself. In every picture he drew he made it perfectly clear that his parents were always working and didn t want to have anything to do with him. He would stay in his special room and continue to draw on the walls for a hours every time. He would then usually fall asleep in his special room. When he awoke one day he heard crying on the other side of the wall. He turned on his flashlight and spun open his door to see his mother crying. He walked up to her leaving the door to his special room open. She was startled to see him. He asked her why see was crying. See told the boy that they had thought he had run away. Then his mother asked where he had come from. She looked around the room and saw the little door to his room. She called up her husband and they looked in the room and saw all of his drawings. They started to talk amongst themselves and then they looked back at me and apologized. My parents felt sorry that they hadn t ever played with me because they were always too caught up in their work. Then they told me about a trip they had planned. I went to California to see Disney World where I saw many new rooms and spaces.

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