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Style Essay, Research Paper

I am choosing to write about paragraph two,

page 95 of the Hebidge article. I agree that taste

does distinguish those who make the distinctions.

However, I feel that the whole concept of analyzing

what makes a person stylish or not is foolish. I feel

that attempting to put a definitive issue on what is

stylish is defeating the purpose of having style.

Style does not define you, attitude does. Style is a

reflection of an individual and if people are judging

you and your personality solely on material things than

I feel that this is where America’s shallow mentality

derives. I am not saying that style is unnecessary

because it is natural for an individual to want the

best of everything, but that is not always possible. I have a motto that relates perfectly to this topic. “A lot of people have a champagne mentality, but only have a beer pocketbook.” This means that a person may desire in their heart to have the best of everything, but not the means of attaining it. Also, the idea of forming distinctions of who is and isn’t “stylish” is at a loss because no matter what a person does there is no way to achieve a unanimous consensus on style anyway. What is beautiful and stylish in the eye of a conservative is hideous in the eye of the nonconformist. In conclusion the issue of style is one that belongs in casual conversation, but cannot be classified because the “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and each beholder has their own concept of beauty.

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