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Aids In Africa Essay, Research Paper

Dear, Dr. Feedlebom of ?Conspiracies and Cover ups? magazine. I would like to share

with you some information concerning the Aids epidemic in Africa. HIV, which causes

AIDS is a fairly recent epidemic that is sweeping the world. It shows no discrimination in

who it infects, and 87% of all those who become infected with HIV will die.

Unfortunately, we cannot even determine if this virus even exists, let alone kill it. All we

can do right now is search for the antibodies that are the HIV bi-product and prescribe

general anti-nucleic acid drugs, that have a 13% chance of killing the virus. In many ways

this describes the Black Death of ancient Europe. Some statistics say as much as 79% of

Europe?s population was destroyed by this epidemic. They too, did not know what caused

this virus and it spread at an incredible rate, and to this day, there is no know cure for

Bubonic Plague.

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