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Spirituality In The Workplace Essay, Research Paper

A hundred years from now, it won t matter how much money you made, or your net worth, or how many times you were promoted, or what your last title was. What will matter is how much love and understanding you shared on this planet.

Spiritual values are actually a function of love. The love that we shared enables our transformation as spiritual beings. Peace, compassion senses of unity happen when love and understanding is practiced in each moment. Understanding does not stop at the workplace. It must be a part of everything that we do. Our spiritual values may be different than our co-workers, however we must remember that their values are just as important to them as ours is to us. This is where love and understanding play an important role in the workplace.

First, let s look at love. By love in the workplace I do not mean physical attraction but the love we have for life. It is most important to respond to your co-workers, as you would like them to respond to you. This is the love I am referring to in the workplace. Whether managing or working besides another employee, we must give them the respect for their beliefs, even if they may be different from ours.

This is where understanding comes into play. For us to love our co-worker we must first understand them. This must begin with respecting where they have come from and whatever beliefs or spiritual values they may have. No matter how different they may be from ours. This understanding must be mutual so as not to disrupt the work environment, and productivity of the work force.

Our spirituality is not a private matter. It must be the foundation for all we do. Each of us has a personal responsibility to live our lives spiritually wherever we are including the workplace. When each of us practices our spiritual values, we transform the people and environment around us. Through the transformation of individuals, then groups of people, global transformation is happening.

In today s workplace, where groups of people, or teams make up the work force, we must remember that for everybody to succeed we must work together. If we are not able to understand our co-workers spiritual beliefs and we object, ridicule, and defy them. We will cause a break down of the harmony that is necessary for creative thinking and productivity. To prevent this break down we must respect the other person s beliefs. No matter what they may be, religious, political, or personal. If we all function in this manner harmony will continue to grow and allow everyone to prosper in there own way.

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