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Philosiphy Of David Hume Essay, Research Paper

David Hum s literary works were varied both in subject and in popular reception. Hume s life was one marked by a seemingly overwhelming love of literature and philosophy. In his autobiography Hume refers to this love absent; …seized very early with a passion for literature which has been the ruling passion of my life… Hume spent most of his life directed by a need to have his works published. His subject matter ranged from common history to deeply help beliefs on and about the human psyche. His philosophical beliefs ranged from simply interesting and representative of his day, as seen

in his work Political Discourses, iconoclastic and antireligious, which was made clear in his essay of Miracles .

Many of Humes philosophical doctrines incorporated and refined many current theories of his day. Some philosophers that influenced Hume are; Locke, Descart, and Berkley. Hume supported Locke s belief that compound ideas are the combination of simple ideas, furthermore Hume went on to clarify Locke s theory of association. Berkley influenced Hume with his theory of mentalism, stating that the material world did not exist until it was perceived. This theory of Berkley would reappear in Hume s own writing.

Descarts contributed his thoughts concurring the dualism of mind and body to Humes core beliefs. though Hume gave much wait to the works of these men he was not against taking issue with some of their work, and would loudly voice his decent if the occasion presented itself.

Hume s philosophy was markedly anthrosentric, and his attitude towards the

religious structure of the day was, at best, hostile. Occasionally Hume s cannon of beliefs tended toward ambiguity, though he held forth the view that religion was destructive he did not wish to be called an atheist , and he maintained friendships with many members of religious sects.

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