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Event That Changed My Life Essay, Research Paper

An Event That Changed My Life When I was very young an incident occurred that changed my relationship with my older brother John forever. John and I were in the tree fort behind our house playing with a piece of piping. John was on the upper level of our fort holding the large pipe when suddenly he dropped it on my head. The pipe cut my head and blood ran down my face. I started crying and ran into the house where my mom cleaned the wound and bandaged it. John then came into the house and tried to tell me that it was my fault. He said he had warned me he was going to drop it and I should have gotten out of the way. I had heard no warning and if there had been he still must have seen me right below him. For a few weeks afterwards my brother and I did not talk to each other. After a while we forgot about our disagreement and became friendly again. But the tension was always there and we frequently debated whose fault it had been. Several times I did extremely mean things to my brother in vengeance for the wrong I believed he had done me that day. This started a vicious cycle of underlying hate between my brother and I.

As time passed John and I grew hostile towards each other. We would be friendly for short periods, then have a simple disagreement and become fiercely angry with each other. I believe that the unresolved issue of the pipe accident still hung heavy in the back of our minds, and still does today. As of recently I rarely talk to John and when I do it usually to pass insults. I wish that John and I could have resolved or forgotten that incident long ago. But I fear that we will never be able to put that incident behind us.

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