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Computer Gave Technology A Bo Essay, Research Paper

The computer has come a long way since it was first invented, which put the power of technology in the spotlight. Through the years there have been many advances with the help of computers. Advances in which have been of great help.

It is now common to see computers in every classroom. These machines are helping even the youngest students to excel in reading and math. Knowing that computers are a part of the future, schools are putting great emphasis into teaching children how to use them. Computers are used in ways like never before.

Computers are more than a monitor seen on desktops, they are used in situations one would not realize until given some thought. They can be found in cars, which have computers built in. Due to today s technology, there are cars/vans in which drive themselves, which can be of great use among the disabled. The computer has the ability to help save lives, and to improve quality of living for thousands.

The internet was created in ordered to share files and perform intensive research through the computer, commonly used by doctors and scientists. Now the internet is used by millions as a way of communication. It is also used as a source of advertisement.

The computer is one of the most influential ways of showing that technology has made an impact in every life. At this rate, there is no telling what technology will allow us to accomplish.

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