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Setting Up A Dummy Corporation Essay, Research Paper

Setting up a Dummy Corporation…

How to get anything you ever wanted for free…

The “system” is a series of checks and balances. It’s an insiders club and unless you know the rules

or are willing to break them, you’ll probably never have a pot to piss in. Not….

Where does it say, we have to put up with, read about or watch on TV, the exploits of people like

Donald Trump, Robin Leach or one of the “Kennedy’s”. Personally, I’m tired hearing about all

their bullshit. Who gives a shit what Hillary or Tipper are wearing either?

When people like “The Donald” make a poor business investment and can’t pay their bills on time,

what do they do? They renegotiate. Yep, that’s right. They tell the bank “I can’t pay” but I’m such

a fabulous person you should renegotiate my loan. Bullshit!

How fast do you think the bank would have you or me out on our ass? In record time, right?

Money is power and unless you have money you’re powerless right? Not…

Money is an illusion. Power is an illusion. Both are projected by cunning and affluent people and

organizations to get what they want. And, if they can’t pay for it, they go bankrupt or renegotiate.

Why should they have all that luxury and not us? Hell, I can default on a loan as well as any of


Almost every company in America will ship you goods on credit if you project the right image, ask

the right questions and have the right answers…People will kiss your ass if they think you have

great wealth. The best resturants will seat you “up front” if they think “you’re a player”. Why not?

Sounds good to me…

Is this method for acquiring material things legal? Hell no! But half the shit Big Brother does to us

everyday isn’t legal either…Want to ride around town in a big black imported car for free? How

about a brand new Pentium computer for the office? The kids want Mopeds? Nooooooo

problem! Pay attention.

Picking a company name…

What’s in a name? Business wise it could mean everything…if you want to get over. It also has a lot

to do with what you want to acquire for free. Let’s say you want to start a new business and need

all-types of office equipment.

You could call yourself “Sal’s Pizzeria” but that wouldn’t wash too well when you’re trying to

establish a $100,000 line of credit. Most credit managers will dump the application in the round file

and require COD cash. Not the best choice of names. How about something like Tri-Star

Industries Intl or RCA Electronics? The idea is to project the image of a big well known company.

Joe’s Paving Company won’t work either…think of a large company and play with the

name…something that gives the illusion of being a huge conglomerate like MicroSoft Corporation

but in fact you use Microsoft Labs. Inc. Close but no cigar, get the idea? When you speak with a

salesman you tell him you’re from MicroSoft…

I know someone who put together a company called Tandy Merchandising. When he applied for

credit with vendors he alluded to being the buying agent for Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack) but

sent purchase orders stating his company was Tandy Merchandising. The greedy salesman always

figure it’s a subsidiary and try their best to push initial orders through credit in hopes of “getting

the big one”. This guy always ordered two dozen “pieces” as a sample order. The list of stings

was impressive. He also always ordered the best model of everything with all the options. Imagine

having two dozen Pentium computers, laser printers, desktop scanners, big screen televisions, fully

blown out stereos with speakers, ect, etc, etc. These things can be turned into easy cash…

The goods you can acquire are only limited by your imagination…lets say you want to open your

own recording studio. No problem. Put together a “wish list” and cut the purchase order. Fax it to

the appropriate vendor and wait for the salesman to call. Oh yeah, I forgot a few things. You’ll

need to set up first…

Let’s say for the purposes of this lesson we’re gonna pick RCA Electronics as our name, not to be

confused (God forbid) with RCA – Radio Corporation of America, the giant who made the radio,

phonographs and television famous. Sounds like a good name to me. Imagine the greedy son of a

bitch salesman at the “Blue Widget” company when you call and say you’re “John Smith (think of

something better), vice president of corporate purchasing for RCA” and you need 50,000 blue

widgets. I guarantee the salesman will shit…but “since you got burned, dealing with XYZ

company you’ll require 500 samples ($200 each) for testing purposes”. You must have them

within ten days for evaluation and you’ll send along a purchase order. I guarantee the order flys

through processing . They will extend you Net 30 days payment without even blinking. They want

the big order.

Acquiring dummy corporate papers

To open up a bank account you’ll need a corporate seal and certificate of incorporation. You’ll

also need a Federal Tax ID number. Certain states may vary but generally this is all that is


Find a corporate resolution book from somewhere and get the certificate of incorporation. This is

the proof that the corporation is registered with the state. Get a good typewriter, preferably one

with interchangeable fonts. Make a copy of the certificate of incorporation and “white out” the

corporate name. Insert your bogus corporate name (RCA Electronics Inc.) on the original and

make a good photocopy. You should now have a good photocopy of the certificate of

incorporation with your bogus corporate name on it.

Now you need a corporate seal. Let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages and find

a company that makes rubber stamps. Generally these companies also make corporate seals. Call

them up and tell them you lost your company seal and need a replacement to “do a deal” in a

hurry. Most places will take the order and have the new seal with your bogus corporate name on it

in a few days.The cost is usually about $20. You’ll have to supply them with the corporate name,

year and state of incorporation. Get this info off the certificate of incorporation you liberated.

Pickup the seal in a few days and you’re all set. Be sure to get a tax ID number. In the New York

area they generally start with 13-xxxxxx. The second set of numbers is seven digits long.

Opening a bank account

Wait a minute. What is this? I thought we were robbing this stuff? Why do we need a bank

account? The simple answer is, some companies no matter how well you try, will always require a

company check with the first order. I suggest staying away from these companies but sometimes

they have merchandise you’re ALMOST willing to die for…No problem. The check is gonna

bounce anyway…You’ll also need a bank account for a reference (don’t worry we’ll cover that).

Put a few hundred in your pocket, drive out of your area, and pick a large commercial bank. DO

NOT do this in your neighborhood or local small town! Pick an area away from where you live.

Dress well and wait until 15 minutes before the bank closes for the day…Everyone is always in a

hurry to get to happy hour right?

Find an officer or new account teller and tell them you want to open a business checking account.

All you need is the corporate seal, certificate of incorporation and the tax ID number. They might

require personal ID so show them your phony drivers license (see Creating a New Identity). You’ll

need to fill out a few forms, stamp your corporate seal and before you know it you’re out the door

with your starter checkbook. The real checkbook will be delivered by UPS in about 7-10 days.

Make sure you’ve given the “drops” address not your own. Try to pick a bank that will give you an

ATM card. They’re always nice to have in order to get your cash back…

Setting up the drop

You’ll need an office to operate out of and I suggest a small suite with reception area and one

private office. Find an office with a good address (RCA wouldn’t be on the poor side of town) and

rent it for cash. Usually this will require the first months rent and two months deposit. You DON’T

HAVE TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY! Keep it cheap. You’re not gonna be there that

long…provide the landlord with phony ID also. DO NOT RENT AN OFFICE NEAR YOUR


Call the telephone company and order two phone lines. Try and get a “Gold” number like

555-5000 or 666-4900. Something that sounds like a “big company” telephone number. Make

sure the fax number is not one digit off the telephone number like: Tel: 555-5000 and Fax:

555-5001. This obviously means only two lines. Don’t ever make a personal call from these

telephone lines. Don’t ever call home or anyone you know personally, not even a beeper. These

phones are for the “sting” They will be investigated after you’re gone. Make sure they find nothing.

Remember, you want to give the impression of a large company. If the telephone company wants

your reach number, give them a voice mail number ringing into your beeper that you have acquired

for cash in a fictitious name. NEVER GIVE YOUR REAL NUMBER OR INFO. The phone

company usually requires a few hundred dollars deposit for two business telephone lines. Pay it.

It’s chicken feed compared to what you’re gonna make. Make sure you order voice mail with

remote access on the telephone line. It is not necessary on the fax line. When the lines are installed,

place a single-line phone with “hold” on the telephone line and a fax machine on the fax line.

Next step is get a female (we’re not trying to be sexist but most telephone receptionists ARE

female) who’s “in” on the sting to answer the phone. She would say something like “Good

morning, RCA, please hold” and immediately put each incoming call on hold for about 30

seconds. This gives the impression of a busy switchboard. When she comes back on the line she

would say something like “How may I direct your call, please hold…while I connect you”…Get

the picture? Another nice touch is if you get one of those GOOD voice changing machines so she

can come back on the line as “your secretary”. Again, you must create the impression of a large

company. If you have a few people in on the “sting” let them answer, creating the illusion a large


Credit References

Gee, how are we gonna establish credit? We’re only a few days in business…Right. You are what

you say you are! Most companies require three credit references. Sometimes more. Set up your

own references.

Go back to the friendly out-of-the-neighborhood beeper guy and setup four voice mail beepers.

Always pay cash. No record. Program the message on each one differently. Something like

“Hello, you’ve reached Northstar Distributors, all lines are busy right now, we value your

business, please leave your name and telephone number and one of our representatives will

return your call in a few minutes. Thank you for calling NorthStar”. The “mark” will ask for

“John Doe” the credit manager to return his call. When the beeper goes off, simply make note of

the caller, wait a few minutes, and return the call to “John Doe” giving “good” not “super

excellent” credit info. You don’t want to draw suspicion.

Generally, if you’re trying to rip off $10,000. worth of merchandise you would give a credit

reference of something like “yeah, RCA has done business with us for about 6 years, their high

credit is $30,000-$40,000. dollars and their terms are Net 30. They pay their bills on

time…No problems…They’re a good customer”…Every once in a while, you might question the

“mark”, “Hey, what do you guys sell? Not the same things as me I hope. I don’t wanna lose

this customer”…Heh, heh… it ALWAYS works…Remember, use different voices or a GOOD

voice changer..

Program two more beepers the same way with different company names that are your “credit

references”. Have each voice mail ask the “mark” to leave a name and telephone number for a

prompt response. Make sure the “credit references” are large sounding companies with a resident

credit manager or officer who handles credit.

Program the fourth beeper as the bank. remember the credit application always asks for the bank,

bank account number and the number of an officer to contact. The message might sound

something like “Hi, this is Joseph Cupcakes…I’m away from my desk right now, please leave

your name and telephone number and I’ll get right back to you…If this is an internal bank

message, you can reach me at extension 316″. The “mark” has no way of reaching extension

“316″ so he will assume he HAS reached the bank and leave his name and phone number for the

bank officer to return his call.

Wait a few hours or even until the next day. Have the “bank officer” call back the “mark” and ask

what this is in reference to…when he hears it’s a credit reference he should be “reluctant” to give

info at first. Credit managers are used to that. It gives the appearance of normal bank resistance to

divulge customer information. After a little prodding have the “bank officer” agree to divulge that

“RCA” maintains several accounts of “mid-six figure numbers” in that bank and is a customer in

“good standing”. Translated, it means that “RCA” has a few “million” on deposit with that bank.

The “bank officer” might also add “Don’t you know who RCA is?” Again, it creates the illusion of

power and money and appeals BIG time to the GREED of the “mark”.

Dun & Bradstreet Reports

Good old D&B. The ultimate business information network. Bullshit. The only thing that goes into

an initial D&B report is what YOU TELL THEM. Believe it or not, I know several people that

have acquired D&B reports on real companies, copied the financial statements and passed them

off as their own. Pick a company that does several million dollars worth of business with an

excellent D&B rating and copy their financial statement. Include it with your applaication and D&B

will give you the same rating!

Call D&B and request a D&B number. They will give you one right over the telephone. Ask them

to fax over a credit rating application. Fill it out and attach a copy of the “liberated” financial

statement. In a week or so someone will call from D&B to “go over” the rating form. Of course,

you’ll be waiting with all the “right answers” and in a few days you’ll have your new D&B credit

rating stating that your company is worth “several million dollars” and “pays it’s bills on time”.

D&B will actually send you a copy in the mail and this can also be attached to any credit

application your filling out to “sting” a company. Sometimes D&B checks the bank. Not always.

Don’t worry about it, your “bank officer” is waiting anyway…

Getting the Loot…

Now that you’ve got the office with telephone and fax in place (some prefer a laptop instead of fax

and typewriter), you’re just about ready to start. You must now do your homework. Make a

complete list of what you’re ordering, from whom and how many of each you need. Have backup

vendor companies in case one or more vendor companies is “out of stock” on an item. To

expedite the ordering process place a call to the “mark” companies and request a quote on the


The request should sound something like this “Hi, this is Rufus Teapot, I’m at corporate

purchasing with RCA. I have a request for six Pentium 133 Mhz computers with 40 Meg

RAM, built in CD rom with high speed internal modems. They also want 20″ color monitors.

I need a firm quote. I’m getting ready to cut a purchase order. Can you fax me that quote

today? I need to get three bids. I need delivery by Friday” (3 days away). Do you have the

items in stock? Can you get them here here by Friday? Otherwise I have to go elsewhere. If

these computers fit the bill, we’ll need 60 more”….Guaranteed the salesman is getting a

woody…In a short while you’ll recieve the firm quote. You’ll also receive a credit application.

Great care should be given to the preparation of the purchase order. You must insert exactly the

same information and model numbers that are on the price quote. You don’t want anything to slow

the process. Great care should be given to the design of the purchase order. If you’re trying to

shadow the real RCA, get one of their purchase orders and design yours to look the same. You

don’t need a printer. Do it with a desktop publishing program. It also adds “illusion” when you

add something like “4500 outlets throughout the USA” on it.

When the salesman asks for the completed credit report say something like “Ok, I’ll get that done

for you. By the way we’re rated 1A by D&B. That should be all you need. I’ll fax over a copy

of our financial with a copy of our D&B report”. The salesman will have the credit manager by

the neck to approve the order and your goods will be winging their way to you in no time…

It’s as simple as that…

Oh, by the way. UPS will deliver the merchandise unless you ask for FedEx or DHL. No

problem. Sign for it and get a van to cart it away. It’s not STOLEN merchandise yet. You applied

for and got credit right? No one is screaming fraud yet right? You have about a thirty day

“window” to get any and all merchandise you want. After that the “mark” companies will be

looking for payment. Be smart. Get out of the “sting” location after three weeks. The average

“sting” can get you $100,000 dollars worth of merchandise for free. DON’T EVER GO BACK

FOR ANY REASON. DON’T BE GREEDY. This scam is so sweet you can do it over and

over from different location for years and years. There is NO WAY to track you if you followed




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