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The Folly Of Logic, The Freedom Of Truth Essay, Research Paper

Logic can very often restrain us from recognising the truth when it is presented to us. Allow me to begin by asking a question.

What is man? Who are we indeed? We struggle, we grapple, we strain, grasping for truth that is always there, but we feel is out of our reach. We make ourselves prisoners by our own embankment of logic, an instrument that we work too hard. An ox that we send to the field, but provide no water for, driving it on, past exhaustion; a tool that we abuse without having even a miniscule sentiment of remorse. Who are we to think that we can fit our world, our emotions, our lives, our beliefs into neatly packaged little boxes? What right do we have to fit anyone or anything else into our own little spheres we have somehow managed to contrive? Us and our logic! What pharisees we are, what fools we can be! We think we know best; we make our little plans and we analyse our little strategies until there?s nothing left but jargon. We argue our points away until our memory is lost as to what our question was is the first place. Who cares about answers! They won?t help! Answers are of no use. I just want my opinion out there and my voice to be heard. Well, a lot of help that is when everyone is screaming so hard that all becomes numb and meaningless and silent. Just watch then as our individual universes we?ve been able to construct explode into oblivion, leaving us broken, desolate, torn. We are then left begging for love, starving our spirits in desperation, frantically stripping away our own will. What simpletons we can be! Can we not see the truth that has all this time been staring us blatantly in the eyes?

Stop grasping, I ask you, be still! Stop bellowing and just be calm! The truth is simple. The truth is bare. We need only to shred those strategies, burn those boxes, and clear the table to see the truth we?ve left buried there, watching us, hoping we will acknowledge it. Will we do that? Will we put away our pride, our ego? Will we stop putting everyone and everything on trial and just realise the truth that so eagerly awaits us? Let?s do that, will we, so that we can rest our eyes on the clearing vista before us, and really begin living our lives.

?And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.?

John 8:32

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