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My Own Writing Essay, Research Paper

When my world seems to be whirling and spinning out of control and all of the demands of the day seem to squeeze me until I can hardly breathe, there is one place that can smooth out the wrinkles and give me that needed burst of fresh, clean air that I need to continue. It is a natural place where warm breezes often blow. The breezes refresh as they blow away many of the stresses of the day. My lungs are fills with the freshness of the clean uncluttered air. It is a place where white sand heated by the summer sun soothes and relaxes tense, stress-filled muscles. The soothing songs of the sea birds are heard as they glide over the glistening water searching for their prey of small fish and minnows. The patterned sound of the tide erases your thoughts of discomfort and anger and leaves your mind in a stress free vacuum of thought. It is a place where the earth, sea, and sky stand like giants, and where puffy, white clouds float by in their own sea of clear blue. It is a place where one can see, smell, and touch the wonder of God’s universe. It is a place where all the senses are filled and renewed. It is one of God’s most wonderful creations-the beach.

I remember walking down the ocean shore as hot grains of sand begin to burn the bottoms of my feet with each step I take. The sound of almost silent tumbling waves, one after the other, and the soft wind blowing gently through my hair gives me a sudden peace of mind.

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