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The Metamorphosis is a disturbing novella, by Franz Kafka. All his life, Gregor goes into a business which he hates the most. He is a young traveling salesman who needs to work for a company to pay off a huge debt for family. One day, when Gregor Samsa awakes one morning finding himself transforming into a giant bug. Gregor s life is about to change from that moment on. Soon, Gregor s struggle will become more difficult for him and that will make all the different. The theme is mainly focus on the limit of human love which Gregor is about to go through.

Gregor is totally terrified from his circumstance. Turning into a giant bug would be the last thing that will go into his mind. He is isolated into a room without any help because his body won t allow him to do so. In Gregor s perspective, the most important thing that he needs in his life is the support from his family. The family is shock after finding out Gregor is a bug. The family shows some kind of sympathy toward Gregor in a way that all family will do if we were caught in a situation like Gregor. They are trying to help him out of his room and provide all the possible need that he wants. As the time goes by the love for Gregor is about to vanish, disappear into a thin air. They can t no longer recognize Gregor anymore. They think of him as an insect, and Gregor is just a bug. Nobody wants to associate themselves with an insect, which is lowly creature, or a pest in our world.

The one scene that stands out the most is when Gregor s sister, Grete, starts to complain about Gregor s behavior. Such as, causing the apartment to fall apart because of his enormous, dirty body. Grete did whatever she can to help at first. However, the love she has for his torment brother die instantly when she feels she cannot do it anymore. But the greatest complaint always was that they couldn t leave the apartment . Even though, Grete is a mature, responsible, and the best sister that Gregor can ever have. The prize that comes with it is too much to handle. She can love for her brother, but love is limited which means it cannot last forever. When Gregor s mother feels that removing the furniture from his room, it sends Gregor a message that the family has given up on him. This a very critical point to show how much human love can take. We can see human love is so vulnerable and easily be broken and abandon at the same time.

As a result, the brutal world that we live in shows the reflection of Gregor s life.

Gregor wishes that they can love him for his true self, even though he turns in the form of an insect. If the family accepts who he is, maybe he would have been able to metamorphosis back into human. They just couldn t accept him because he is different than them and people are afraid of change and someone who is different. At the end, Gregor loses his faith from his family. Gregor could not be accepted or understood by the ones to understand him most. He dies from a lack of love and respect from his family, the ones whom he needed love from the most.

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