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E-Commerce Strategy Essay, Research Paper

The E-Commerce Strategy

Brian Uhrich

BACS 495

E-Comm Paper

We reached a time in history which is extraordinary. The event that started it all is called the internet. The Internet provides, advertising, research, games, and e-commerce. I deciced to form a e-commerce business stragey. The new I.T. department called Web Cart is part of a supermarket chain called Flaingeo Supermarket. It’s a medium size company with 20,000 plus employees. It has 25 stores in 19 different states. The Colorado area has six in metro Denver and about three more in Colorado. Revenue generated is about 400,000 dollars a month. The IT department would be in charge of providing electronic transaction via the Internet. Customers would have the opportunity to purchase groceries items and have then delivered to their home or pick them up pre-paid and sacked. All deliveries and electronic transactions would be handled by the IT department. In addition it would provide the web page design, maintenance and support for all network systems needed for the new Web Cart department. The first step is to begin local and expand later. Below I will explain the benefits, advantages and valitaty about e-commerce and present specific examples pertaining to online grocery shopping. But first lets talk a little about the Internet and e-commerce.

The Internet provides information globally, so why not provide a product or service can can be global. Why e-commerce you might ask? Well, e-commerce is redefining the way in which business transactions are being done. E-commerce is only one fuction of the internet. E-commerce is the process of designing products and services available on the internet. The transaction is handled electronically, calling it electronic commerce. I’ll first start out by discussing the Internet, what it is, how it works, and finally the advantages of having an e-commerce business.

What is the Internet? The internet is a method of communicating and a source of information that is becoming the new frontior(1). Well you can’t really see it but its there. Let me try and explain it in English. Imagine a huge spider web that never stops growing, like the Universe. The same applies the to Internet. Now imagine at each intersection of the spider web is a computer. Now if each computer has a unique address, just like a street address, then we’ll be able to visit them. Now vision each computer being able to access (travel) to any address(web page) in the blink of an eye. Ok, its not that fast yet, more like a few secoonds. The internet provides information globally, so why not provide a product or service can can be globally.

The Internet is changing the way we think, act and do business. Now lets look and some different types of elelctronic commerce. Amazon.com is a big player for online books, music and videos. There you can browse thousands of books, search by title, author, and even purchase it with delivery to your front door. Now that’s shopping. Suppose you want to do some research, your doctor just perscribed a new medication to you. Now you could look it up in your perscription dictionary but I’m sure that’s a few years old. So to find the information we’ll need to purchase a new book. We’ll not if you have access to a computer with internet access. You’ll find dozenes of perscription databases that you can search, and find the latest inforamtion about drug interaction and other specific information trailed to your drug. Yes, its all there, in the flash of an eye, and a few clicks on the mouse.

Web Cart will to take two powerful technologies and redefine grocery shopping.twist. The Web Cart department will implement these tools discussed later. Building any business is about building relationships. You need to create an experince the second someone visits your web site. Second, offer something that keeps the customer coming back Finally, provide fast, accurate and realiable service. Web Cart will do just that. In addition Web Cart will provide a service to a wide range of customers and retail business.

According to a just-released Jupitor Communication report, ninty percent of online shoppers said they were “largely satisfied” with their 1999 holiday season experiences on the internet(2). However, the goal is not about generating impressive sales numbers, but rether about developing relationships with new customers and securing long-term realtionships. Now some mega-sites such as Amazon.com offer attractive discounts and hugh selections, but local internet sites are betting that customers are also looking for convenience and rapid delivery. Last week eBay, Inc. launched a new area on its web sites called “Go local.”(3). Remember that grocery shopping is a weekly occurance. And add to that a steady stream of loyle customers. Web Cart customes would access the web page as normal and then click on local and type in there zip code or city. Customer would fill out the shopping cart registration and have e-mail conformation and address validation. Online grocery shopping will be the most revealing test tube in the e-commerce industry. For example, online grocery will precipitate the next evolutionary stage in e-commerce.

Where will the Internet be in 30 years. I believe all mechines, and mechine and homes will be wired with Internet access. Access speeds will greatly increase. Vision a home full fuctional Internet weird home. Did you forget to turn the oven off? Check online in just a few clicks. What to watch a digital movie. Order it right through the Internet. Ha In conclusion, as the public image, sales and volume increase Web Cart is sure to be a success. Everybody wins with Web Cart transactions, including the e-tailer, the online merchant and most important the comsumer, who might just get use to convenience, potential savings and that personalized relationship that localized online shopping has to offer.



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(April 6, 2000)

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