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The Exorcist Essay, Research Paper

The Exorcist

This book began in Iraq during an archeological dig. Father Lankester finds a small artifact that has similar traits as the demon named Pazuzu. In Washington D.C., a girl, Regan was possessed by the Pazuzu. That is when her mother getsthe help of Father Damian Karras. He is having problems with his faith. He is torn between having become a priest and living a life of poverty and not having become a highly paid psychiatrist and been able to provide for his old, ailing mother. He agrees to see her. The demon has taken over Regan’s body and once in awhile, she’s throws up, her face becomes scary and evil looking, and the demon uses her to communicate. Finally, after thinking for awhile, Father Damian comes up of a way to kill the demon. He gets holy water and then tries to talk the Pazuzu out of Regan and once he finally does, he kills him. Regan is finally back to a normal little girl.

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