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How Capacitors Behave?! Essay, Research Paper

HOw capacitors behave was a study that I wrote in my last year of college and had a 19.5 over 20 for it.

This study was then toughed for few years in the same college and refered to by teachers for new students.

I was granted then a 300.00 dollars gift for that from the college.

The study is 12 pages long (double space) and was a result of a long study that took me a good month reading trhough books and magazines and Internet and even going to universities, interviewing professors and observing some lab tests. This was study that was beyound my level of college. According to my direct teacher: “This is 4th year uniervisity paper”!

Hussain Ashoori


Technologist in the field of Telecommunication.

Graduate of Dowson in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Worked for NORTEL Networks for few years then now I am working in a high tech company in the States as a Telecomm. Tester. Travelling around the US and Canada and living on my suite case.

I am a Canadian of a Bahraini origin who was compelled to live abroad home for over 20 years due to the difficult political circomstances in my country.

Long live democracy.. and down with the dictatorship wherever, however and wherever it is!!!

Hope you like it !!

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